Saturday Project: Easily hacking IKEA picture ledges into kitchen storage!

I love IKEA. A lot. I could spend all day every day in IKEA and be happy for the rest of my life, I bet.

So when inspiration strikes in the middle of the aisle, I listen. And then proceed to scramble for the nearest bin full of picture ledges so I can get to work ASAP.

Our apartment isn’t some glamorous NYC haven of simplicity and style. There are no classy brick wall interiors, the flooring isn’t distressed hardwood from a 1950s home, and there isn’t a ceiling high enough to create the illusion of space. It’s a small, standard issue apartment just like hundreds around Mesa. It’s nothing special, and it is SERIOUSLY lacking in storage, especially where kitchen storage is concerned. So we’ve made do as long as we can, but eventually something had to give- especially after Christmas, since we got a few new appliances.

The place that’s driven me absolutely crazy for the longest time, though, is the cabinet where we keep our cups and glasses. It’s a complete disaster, and it’s never organized for very long. Plus, if we were to take out the cups, it would free up valuable space to cram more stuff into. (I seriously need to do some spring cleaning, guys. It’s bad.)

I’ve been mulling an idea around for a while now to create a sort of open shelving area for our cups, in an effort to A) create more storage and B) class up our apartment a little more. I love open shelving, and have wanted to implement it somewhere in our house, but I just wasn’t sure when until I remembered that we had a very sad, lonely wall behind our dining room table.

Don’t hate on me for my sub par photography skills. It’s dark outside and I’m working with an iPhone that doesn’t like me very much. Also- my apartment is a cave and I need better lighting. Amen.

Bonus: it’s right next to our water dispenser! Bingo!! That’s where our cups would live.

But then the problem arose of how exactly to make the shelves. I love hanging shelves, but I didn’t feel like they would look great right there. I could also just stick a bunch of hooks into the wall and hang our mugs there, but it would look halfhearted and sad. So I filed this idea into the back of my mind, trying to figure it out every now and again until one fateful day in IKEA.

I was shopping with my mother, grandmother, and sisters in law when it hit me: I could use picture ledges to store my cups! I immediately told them about my stroke of genius, and they all agreed that it would look amazing. So I stocked up, grabbed this beautiful poster:

I am so obsessed with this. Isn’t it beautiful? Thank you, IKEA. I love you.

And we were off!

You guys. This IKEA hack is so easy!! It took us literally ten minutes to completely update our space. I think it’ll be really nice to have!

What you’ll need:

  • MOSSLANDA picture ledges from IKEA (I got four total- three shorter and one longer)
  • Flat head 1 1/1″ screws
  • Drill
  • Level
  • Assorted cups, glasses, and mugs (obviously)

We went from the bottom ledge and worked our way up. 

Make sure your ledges are level and centered or they’ll start to look really wonky really fast. (I figure you’re smart enough to figure that out, but it’s still something worth noting.) One thing I wish we had done is make sure it was perfectly centered in the middle of the wall, because now our table is ever-so-slightly right of the ledges. However, I’m also planning on fixing our table issue in the near future, so hopefully it won’t be an issue for much longer. ;^)

After we set up the first ledge, we got our tallest cup and measured a few inches above it so that we wouldn’t run into any issues when we finally put the cups on the ledges.

From then on, it was just a matter of making sure the remaining ledges were spaced out and level!

IKEA included these nifty little stickers to go on top of the screws to help them blend in! SO thoughtful.

So there you have it! Super simple, super easy, super stylish. I know my pictures were terrible quality- I’m working on that. Baby steps, baby steps.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! What are your favorite IKEA hacks? Do you love IKEA as much as I do?


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