My first beauty tutorial!!

I’ve been contemplating making beauty tutorials for a while now, and I finally got the guts to do it!
It’s a really simple, clean look you can wear pretty much anywhere your heart desires.
I went for the natural, “no-makeup” look that’s pretty popular nowadays.
It’s a really short little video, and I’m personally really proud of it. ;^)

I think we all need to lose the idea of having to have a boatload of products on hand when trying to create a “natural” look…. Does that sound stupid to anybody else or is it just me? It’s like trying to create banana-flavored banana bread without bananas…. When you have bananas sitting RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.
The fact of the matter is, you are beautiful. I know I’ve been saying that a lot lately, it seems, but I think it’s one of the most important lessons you can teach yourself. More on that later.
Get out there and show off your natural beauty, you gorgeous human being, you!!


A purple pout?

So, a while ago I wrote about my deep and abiding love for all things orange lipstick, and during that period of time, I also became fascinated with another potential lip lover: purple. Yep, I went from wanting an orange oral cavity to a purple pout within days! I’ve decided I can never have too much lipstick, so I went about in search of a cheap, purple lipstick to satisfy my need. I went to the dollar store and found just the one! It was L.A. Colors in Frozen Berry.

 It was a nice, deep shade or purple, and I decided what the heck? For a dollar? I bought it and tried it on, and much to my dismay, it looked painfully like the year 2002. No way was I doing that! Still, the novelty of having purple lipstick hadn’t completely worn off, so I kept the tube.
I patiently waited for inspiration to hit, because usually when I get an idea for a makeup look, it turns out perfectly- which is weird, because my ideas involving clothes almost NEVER look as good as I picture them, but I digress.
This morning, though, inspiration hit with the force of a Mack truck. (or MAC- get it?! Hahahahaha) You see, I get emails from e.l.f. cosmetics, and this time they emailed me and forwarded a little blog post about popular fall trends. Naturally, I clicked on it, and lo and behold! Purple lipstick is IN! Hurray! So after some browsing, I had my look all set: I’d keep a relatively neutral face with only a little blush to add some color to my otherwise porcelain features, barely-there eye makeup (as in, a tiny bit of mascara with SUUUPER light brown liner), and purple lipstick as the main focal point for my look. I decided to stick with a messy sock bun to give the look a casual feel, and paired it with a light yellow button-down shirt and my go-to black lacey pencil skirt to finish it all off. So I went with it, and… I was VERY happy with the results!

It was a lovely, soft purple that really complimented my skin!
The only complaints I would have would be that since it’s a dollar store brand, I had to do several coats before it reached opacity, and even then it was spotty, so I would definitely put a light layer of lipliner on under the lipstick itself. In a little while, however, the lipstick “cured”, and it looked WAY less spotty. I LOVED it! I will most definitely be doing this look again.


The next time I feel ugly…

Today, both of my sisters had babysitting jobs with families I’ve sat for in the past. They both came home with sweet little sayings from the little girls in both families, and they were so sweet, I just had to share.. Plus, you know, the next time I need a little pick-me-up, I’ve got this little post!

Savannah came from her job this morning and said that she was showing the little girl she was watching some pictures on her iPod. She came to one in front of a temple, where she, Geneal, and two of our cousins were posing. I wasn’t with the picture, and apparently the little girl noticed, because she asked Savannah, “Where’s your sister with the pretty makeup?” :^)

Geneal came home from her job this evening, and while she was sitting, she asked her little girl questions about Savannah and I, because we’ve both sat for her. She remembered Savannah, and went on and on about how great and fun she was, but couldn’t seem to remember me. Then, she looked at Geneal and asked, “does your sister have red lips sometimes?” Geneal answered yes, and she said, “oh, I remember her! She’s so beautiful!” AWWWWW

So…. Yeah. My heart totally melted. I’m glad I look pretty to those two sweet girls. I think they’re pretty too. :^)

(in case y’all were curious, I just got home from a football game, and… WE WON!! 40-14 Heroes, and I am super proud of my boys! My voice is in shreds though… Oh well. Worth it!)


The Look.

So, Homecoming is coming (HA! Clever), and the theme is 1940s. YOU DO NOT REALIZE HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME. YOU JUST DON’T. I LOVE the 40s, and the fact that we are having a DANCE centered around that particular THEME?!?! Oh my bliss. Anyway, you know that I am a planner, and being the planner I am, I’ve already got my whole ensemble figured OUT. Pictures? Naturally.
The dress:

The Makeup:

I will probably not do pink eyeshadow, but you get the gist.
The hair:

Probably a variation of either this or the look above.
And we can’t forget the accessories!

A fascinator. This is going to happen.
Classic pearl necklace, no?
The shoes:
These are my stand-by, never-fail heels. They’ll be perfect!
So… Yeah! Now to get a date……

A Twiggy-inspired look

So, I have discovered that I love Twiggy. You know her, right? She was a British model who was crazy-popular in the 1960s, and she was the model who began the whole bone-thin craze that has continued to this day! You might think that would be grounds to hate her, but I just adore her! I like the clothes she models, I like her hair, and most of all, I LOVE her makeup. It makes her eyes look huge and gorgeous, and I just… Yeah.

Yep. Okay, she’s adorable. Anyway, today I modeled my look after her, including a cute shift dress and trademark hair- ratted up and straightened. I loved it! Unfortunately, it smudged too much for anyone at church to notice, but my family did, and to my great relief, they loved it! I always get nervous when trying a bolder look, but nine times out of ten it looks just fine! It took a LOT of concentration, and I still haven’t perfected it, but as soon as I do, I think it’d be fun to make a tutorial! For now here are some pics:

I was pleasantly surprised at how it made my brown eyes stand out!

So… Yeah! This is a look I’ll definitely be trying again. :^) And yes… I know I’m doing nothing but pouting in these, but I was going for the Twiggy look. A model-esque pout! I think next time I try it, I”ll make it look less smoky though. I guess this was a little more modernized, but I’d like it to be more like the original.



I’m just going to be up front about this:
I have come such a long way in terms of my eyebrows. Like, seriously. I actually LIKE them now.
Probably because I take care of them.
 I have reigned in the beast!
 I have tamed the monster!
 I have conquered the hairy devil!
 I have let tweezers become my best friend!
I have shunned my Frida Kahlo ways, and am embracing the 21st century!
Too far? Sorry.
But really. Look:

Holy brow.

I love growing up.


A post in which I chatter about makeup.

It’s good to be passionate. I am, by nature, a passionate person, and I am particularly passionate about 3 things:

  1. Males
  2. Music
  3. Makeup

This isn’t in order of importance, of course. But I am really passionate about them. Not WITH them. I’m not passionate WITH males. Get your minds out of the gutter, people. Geez. 

Awkward tangent. Anyway, when I find something that makes me feel really excited, I get… Passionate. Or obsessed. Your call. But I can’t get enough of said obsession, and if I’m not in possession of it, I can’t stop thinking/fantasizing/dreaming/drooling about it until it’s in my clutches. Which gets difficult when it comes to males. But whatever.
My latest passion in regards to makeup has been:
Have I made my point clear yet? I am SO OBSESSED with orange lipstick lately. Ever since I heard it was a trend, I’ve fantasized about it, and dreamt about how awesome I’d look with a punchy pout, and yesterday my dreams came true. Yesterday I bought the most wonderful lipstick ever:
Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss, in 12. That’s the shade right up there. I LOVE Kate lipsticks. I have three of them (now), and I love them! So you can imagine my delight when I found this juicy shade. So of course I bought it! Naturally, I kind of worried about how it would look, because I don’t want it to clash with my skin tone and whatnot. But I got home, swiped it on, and….
Fell in love. I look every bit as good in orange as I thought I would, plus some! Oh my gosh you guys, I love it so much. I’m so happy with it. I love, love, love this color. And to make everything better, I went on a date today, so I got to pick out a cute outfit to go with it, and I totally look adorable. I’ll post pictures soon, and I might even do a makeup tutorial! :^O That’s how much I love this lipstick, peeps.
Makeup is the bomb. Love it.