Homecoming pictures!

When getting ready for a dance, it is customary to look as ugly as possible the day of the dance, that way you look and feel your absolute best by the time it rolls around- at least, that’s what I do.

Then, after getting the majority of your makeup done, you head over to the salon to get your hair done!

Afterwards, you get home just in time to put on your outfit, get your purse together, and touch up your lipstick. A mini photo shoot is a must!

At last, your (adorable) date shows up, and you get the classic shot in the house:

And then it’s off to the park, for some more perfect pictures!!! (you’re gonna want to click on them to make them bigger. They are WAY too cute.)

So uh… Yeah, my date is the cutest guy alive. :^)
What a night!!!!
I’ll post some more pictures tomorrow, but with Geneal!


Homecoming 2013!!!

Right now it is SUPER late, but I simply had to post this before I get all tired and lose my steam.

Homecoming was tonight! I basically felt like this all week:
And today was really no different! I got my hair done by the oh-so-fabulous Mary Wadsworth, and then headed home to finish my makeup/ get dressed. Earlier today (er, yesterday. It’s late), I got my date a Navy pilot pin, and hunkered down to wait to get picked up. They were a bit late, but it’s fine. We still ended up like 20 minutes early to the dance anyway, so it was fine. :^)
The pictures turned out ADORABLE, and once I get them edited I will put them up, post haste. Seriously though…. My date and I looked SO CUTE. Can’t wait to show you! The whole night people commented.
Now, it’s time to get real. I could bore you with details, but I’d rather talk about my date. I went with Geneal and my good friend, Tyler. I was his first date, since he just turned 16, and lemme tell ya, this boy earned MAJOR points tonight. 
First off, he was a total gentleman/sweetheart/flirt all night long! Opened every door for me, made me feel appreciated, and whenever a boy told me I looked good, he would put his arm around me and say “yeah, well, she’s mine tonight!” Squee!
Another thing about Tyler is his love for planes. We walked into the hangar and both of us immediately freaked out. I had him give me a tour of the hangar and had him tell me about every single plane, and the thing is, he knew TONS about every single one. He knows his stuff, which was so cute. I love to hear people talk about their passions, so making sure I indulged him was a big thing for me. I tried to spend the night focusing on him and making him feel good and important, and I think he did the same thing for me because I have never had that much fun at a dance before (Sadies excluded. But this dance was still better)! Usually at every dance I’ve been to, the boy I’m with will sort of dance with me, but overall there usually isn’t much dancing going on.
Not so this time! Tyler danced with me for pretty much every single song, which was HUGE for me. I’m not used to that, and having him dance with me was awesome! It wasn’t like he was being forced into it, either. He enjoyed it, and at one point I heard him say he didn’t want the night to end! That may have been because of the planes, but I’ll take it. :^)
Long story short, he was perfect, and there will be no complaints coming from me about him! SUCH a sweetie. I’m so beyond glad he asked me, and I’m even more glad he treated me the way he did. That scored so many points, lemme tell ya. He has been raised right! I’m just… Happy tonight. :^D
Pictures will be up soon!! I’ll leave you with this for now to tide you over:

The Story Of How I Got Asked.

So…. I got asked to Homecoming today!!! It wasn’t anything super elaborate, but this was probably one of the sweetest ways I’ve ever been asked to a dance before.
Story? Duh.
So I’ve had this hunch about who was going to ask me to Homecoming, mainly because the other day I was complaining loudly to my sister about how three (count ’em. THREE) of my guy friends are NOT EVEN GOING to Homecoming, and how bummish it all was, when Geneal and my friend, Tyler said
“Well, I’ll be sixteen by then. I could take you!” I giggled flirtatiously and said alluringly,
“Oh my gosh, that would be so funny!” Then I winked at him six times. Just kidding. But really, I was really into the whole idea! Tyler is SUCH a sweet boy, and I know we would have so, so much fun together. So I began hoping and waiting.
Over the weekend I reasoned that he would probably ask me today (Tuesday), and I figured it would be something on my locker, so as we walked into school this morning, I felt a small twinge of disappointment at seeing a blank locker. So I opened it in the hopes that I might find something inside, but to no avail.
Maybe Tyler wasn’t actually asking me?
As I went about my day, I noticed Tyler didn’t really talk to me, which is weird, since he usually does. That was suspicious… But whatever.
Then things got really exciting!
In Drama, a guy came up and asked me if I was planning on going to Homecoming, or if I’d been asked. Truth be told, that weirded me out just a wee bit, as I’d already gone out with him, but I answered honestly.
“I haven’t been asked yet,” I said, “but I have a hunch about who might ask me…”
“Oh,” he said, “cool. Just wondering, cuz somebody asked me about it today, so I said I’d investigate.”
“Who asked you that?” I inquired.
“Your Ballroom partner last year… Tyler, I think it was.” By this time, I couldn’t stop grinning. I love being right! “Why? Who was your hunch about?”
“It was about Tyler,” I confessed. “Is he gonna ask me to Homecoming?!?!?!!?”
“I can’t tell you that!” he said, attempting to look nonchalant.
“I’m pretty much positive he’s asking me, so you may as well just spit it out now,” I said, cracking my knuckles menacingly. Just kidding.
“Okay, fine. He’s totally asking you,” He admitted. I then squealed and jumped up and down a few times, just for happy effect, and then made him swear not to tell Tyler that I knew. He swore, and then I went cheerily to Ballroom.
After school, I waited outside the multipurpose room in order to get some shade and maybe talk to some friends. Then, the unexpected happened. Someone was… Calling me on the phone?
“Haeley, where are you?” he asked.
“I’m near the multipurpose room….. Why…?”
“I’ve got someone who needs to ask you something!” We hung up, and I spotted him dragging along a mildly petrified-looking Tyler.
“Hey, Tyler!” I said sunshinily (definitely just made up that word), “That’s a pretty awesome shirt you got there.” It was true. He was holding a snazzy-looking Heritage Hero t-shirt, and for a second, I thought that was how he was going to ask me, via t-shirt. Rapidly, I began sifting through possible witty ways of asking someone out via t-shirt, but I came up blank.
“Yeah, it’s the new student council t-shirt!” he flipped it over to show me the back, which had the names of all the student council officers emblazoned on it. Pretty sweet.
We stood there awkwardly for a second until the other guy prodded Tyler and said “GO!”
Tyler then proceeded to turn white. Hoping to spare him some embarrassment, I made a few more awkward comments about the shirt, and finally he looked at me.
“Haeley, will you, uh, go to Homecoming… With me?” He croaked nervously, going paler by the second.
“TYLER! OF COURSE I WILL!!! YESS!!” I squealed merrily, grinning and clapping my hands. I wasn’t feigning surprise this time. I wasn’t expecting to be asked flat-out like that, but hey! I’ll take it! Tyler looked so relieved he stopped going pale, and instead turned quite red.
“Oh, good. I was SO NERVOUS.” He said, shuffling his feet and still blushing.
“Tyler!! I’m so excited!!” I said again. I’m really creative when it comes to talking to people. Obviously. Then we hugged, and he stumbled away. I ducked into the multipurpose room to let my friends know, and Geneal told me how nervous he’d been all weekend. I felt (and still feel) so flattered that he fussed so much over this, just for me! I’m SO EXCITED to be going to Homecoming with someone as sweet and genuine as him, and I’ve already got some fantastic ideas for pictures up my sleeve. ;^) Stay tuned!


The Look.

So, Homecoming is coming (HA! Clever), and the theme is 1940s. YOU DO NOT REALIZE HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME. YOU JUST DON’T. I LOVE the 40s, and the fact that we are having a DANCE centered around that particular THEME?!?! Oh my bliss. Anyway, you know that I am a planner, and being the planner I am, I’ve already got my whole ensemble figured OUT. Pictures? Naturally.
The dress:

The Makeup:

I will probably not do pink eyeshadow, but you get the gist.
The hair:

Probably a variation of either this or the look above.
And we can’t forget the accessories!

A fascinator. This is going to happen.
Classic pearl necklace, no?
The shoes:
These are my stand-by, never-fail heels. They’ll be perfect!
So… Yeah! Now to get a date……