Letting myself be loved.

Wow, blogging friends, it’s been forever! Sorry I fell off the radar for a bit. Of course, as soon as I decide to take a brief hiatus from blogging, EVERYTHING seems to change. The most noteworthy change in my life being Tanner, who is the boy I am completely, hopelessly in love with.

Ain’t we just fancy?

Being with him has been the most wonderful decision I’ve made in my life, and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to have finally found someone who seems to like me as much as I like them. We’re preeeetty much the cutest couple ever. No offense, but it’s true.

Suuuuuh cute

Falling in love with him was easy; one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. But loving him and letting him love me is a different story. Letting another person into your life isn’t easy. It takes work to stay together, and you have to make sure it’s what you truly want. But most of all, you need to learn how to be loved.
That’s what Tanner and I are learning, and lemme tell ya… It hasn’t been an easy ride.

You see, the two of us are both very independent human beings, and up until now we didn’t really NEED anyone. But then we found each other and decided that we needed someone after all. And that, friends, has been an adjustment. Going from taking care of just myself to trying my best to care for my sweet boy has been a bit of a wake-up call: do I know how to love someone and care for them? Am I doing all I can to make sure he knows how I feel about him? Am I helping him where he needs help, whether he asks for it or not?
Caring for him has been easy enough. I love taking care of and loving other people, and that part has come so naturally. The tough part, however, is when it comes to him fully receiving my love, in addition to me fully receiving his love.

I’ve always been a very independent person. I like to take care of things myself, and I don’t enjoy asking for help. It’s not that it makes me feel weak, I just hate to feel like I’m inconveniencing them somehow. And so I try to avoid asking for help wherever and whenever possible. Because I can take care of myself, and until now, I haven’t realized just how wonderful it is to have someone take care of you. Whether it be getting me some bottled water because he knows how much I hate the tap, or buying me lunch when I get home from work almost an hour late, to staying around to make sure I feel better when my stomach starts acting up, my Tanner has been there. I appreciate those little things more than he’ll ever know, and I can only hope to reciprocate them somehow. But here’s where it gets difficult:
I don’t know how to react to or ask for help. So, more often than not, I react with “you did NOT need to do that for me!” “Oh, I didn’t need this,” or “I’m fine. I don’t need anything right now. I can handle it.” But he’s stubborn and usually helps me anyway, bless him.
I find myself saying “need” way too often for it to be effective. Do I really NEED a water bottle when I have tap water at home? No, I don’t. But do I NEED Tanner to know he’s appreciated, and that I love it when he does those things for me? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

I adore this sweet boy of mine.

Likewise, I need to be able to help him and serve him in any way I possibly can. He is so important to me, and helping him out when he needs-or doesn’t need- it makes me happy.
However, he has much of the same problem I do. He’s an independent person, and doesn’t always want to accept the help I try to offer. But we’re both stubborn, so I usually end up helping him out anyway. ;^)

The hardest lesson for both of us to learn so far has been to swallow our pride and let ourselves be loved. It’s certainly not a walk in the park, but I wouldn’t want anyone else working through it all with me. I’m SO lucky to have found him, and I can’t wait to love him forever.

Oh yeah…. Did I mention we’re engaged??

I’ll tell you that story soon! ;^)


Flirting tips and tricks guaranteed to get you a man.

This has got to be my favorite. It’s fail-proof.

If you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll have yourself a man in no time at all!*


*these have not actually been tested. Results may vary.

A letter to my thirsty 16-year-old self.

Dear 16-year-old Haeley:

First off, happy birthday! If I haven’t told you yet, you’re beautiful. I know that sometimes you hate looking at yourself, but believe me. It’s true. And trust me, you’ll only get prettier from here! I mean, look at me now. I’m (we? You? Us?) a babe now. ;^)

Okay, okay. That’s not why I’m writing to you today. I have a purpose, I promise. You see, I just got off the phone with Geneal, our beautiful, precious sister (do you know how lucky you are to have a sister like her? Because she’s amazing. Never forget that), and she was telling me all about Homecoming and how great it was. Eventually, our conversation wandered off into where it usually goes: boys and relationships, and she brought up something I have been thinking about for a while.

She talked about how much of a relief it was to not have a boyfriend right now. You’ve told yourself time and again how glad you are that you don’t have a boyfriend, but you’ve never really believed it. Don’t try to deny it, sweetie. I know you want a boyfriend so badly you can taste it. The thing is, you’re in high school. You’re a sophomore, and I don’t care how mature you think you are, the thing is, you are so unbelievably young. You don’t even have your license yet! (Don’t panic. You’ll get it in March, and you will get terribly lost just a few days after receiving it. But your dad will call and help you find your way home. Aren’t dads just the best?) You haven’t experienced hardly anything in life. Why would you want a boyfriend right now?

I know how it feels to want to be loved. I’m still you, remember? I’m just a little bit older and (at least in my 18-year-old opinion) a little bit wiser than you are at this point. Our craving for someone to love and care for hasn’t changed; in fact I would go so far as to say it’s only gotten stronger. But that’s because I am finally at a point in my life where seeking male companionship is acceptable and okay.

Haeley, you’ve read For the Strength of Youth before. Countless times. You always flip to the Dating section, because you love reading about it. All your life you’ve looked forward to dating! And trust me, it is so much fun. Dating is one of my favorite things about life! But you need to be careful. I can’t stress it enough. Boyfriends are so great. They will make you feel on top of the world! At least, that’s what I’ve been told. At this point I’m still dating around. Don’t get too excited just yet. ;^) But just know that the prophets know exactly what they’re doing when they advise us to not only hold off on relationships until we’re out of high school, but to only go on group dates. TRUST THEM. Does it seem like a total buzzkill to have to wait to single date and have a boyfriend? Yep. Not gonna lie. But it’s so worth it to look back and not have any regrets. You have no idea.

Now, just because you’re not going to have a boyfriend in high school does not mean you’re going to escape without heartbreaks along the way. You will have your heart broken. And it will hurt more than you ever thought it could, and it will hurt for a very long time. But you will be better for it. Heartbreak sucks, but it’s such a good growing experience. Never say to yourself that the boy wasn’t worth it. Everybody is worthy of love, and even though it hurts, don’t stop giving it.

Love is always the answer, whether it involves boys or not. Never believe you weren’t worth it. You are worthy of love. And just because a boy hurts you doesn’t mean you’re worthless. Keep your head up and keep loving. You were given a heart that naturally wants to love. Don’t hold that back. Let everyone know you care about them, because this world needs more love.

And dances? Dances are every bit as fun as you think they’re going to be. Granted, there will be a few that will not be fun, and you will cry over them on more than one occasion, but the good ones will more than make up for them. Go all out! You’re a babe.

You’re worried about so many things. You’re worried about impressing boys, and being as attractive as possible to them. You’re worried nobody will ever ask you out. You’re worried your weight will act as a barrier between you and all potential crushes. You’re worried your hair needs to be a certain length, or your clothes need to hang a certain way, or your first kiss is going to be a total disaster.

Haeley, here’s the thing:

  • You will be asked out. A lot more than you think.
  • Who cares about your weight? You’re a bodacious babe. Beauty and personality will surpass any insecurities you have about your weight. 
  • Your hair does NOT need to be long for boys to like you. You will eventually cut off all of your hair and it will be the single most freeing thing you’ve ever done, and- spoiler alert- boys will still like you after that. 
  • Your clothes are FINE.
  • Your first kiss will be absolutely perfect.
Stop worrying so much about boys. Love your life! Embrace who YOU are, and what makes you so special. Your time will come. I’ll make sure to write you again when we find Mr. Right. ;^)
I love you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

I’m sorry.

I am a young woman.

That is a very obvious fact, and it shouldn’t even need to be stated, but the thing is, young women are often faced with one of the most self-destructive behaviors known to mankind:

Bodily insecurities. 

I am a young woman with insecurities.

Now, I’m not one of those people who hates on herself all the time. In general, I like how I look, I like what I wear, I like who I am. But sometimes, sometimes, a little monster crawls up my back and takes control of my vision, and suddenly all I can see are flaws. And for some reason, as if my self-destructive behavior and thoughts weren’t already terrible enough, I begin to think of my sweet future husband, and I feel so sorry that he is going to have to settle for someone like me. My mind begins to list apologies to him:

“I’m sorry I’m so short. I’m basically dooming our future children to a life of midgetry, and you don’t deserve that. They don’t deserve that. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I’m not super skinny. I know washboard abs are way sexier than my tummy, and I know my arms are fatter than normal. You deserve a supermodel. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I have a big nose.

I’m sorry I laugh so loudly.

I’m sorry I don’t have long, beautiful waves of hair.

I’m sorry I have such a flat chest.

I’m sorry I hate shaving my legs.

I’m sorry I have bedhead and morning breath.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.”

The list goes on. Do you see how ridiculous it is? Most, if not all of those are things I can’t control without spending tons of money on surgeries and treatments, and that’s just not worth it. I realize it’s stupid, but in all honesty, when it’s the heat of the moment, it only seems rational to apologize to the wonderful man I’m going to marry, because he deserves better. I don’t think that makes any sense, personally. Obviously, if he’s going to marry me for time and all eternity, it means he knows everything about me, and accepts and loves me just the way I am. He will love me despite (and maybe even because of) my flaws. That wonderful man is not going to expect to marry a perfect supermodel. He’s smart enough to know they don’t exist off the pages of a magazine. He knows his future wife will have flaws, and he will love her for it.

Likewise, I know I’m not marrying a sculpted, unblemished god of a man with luscious hair and out-of-this-world white teeth. He is not going to be perfect. And you know what? I already love him. (before you get any ideas, I do NOT actually know him yet.) But I am expecting him to have flaws, and I know that in the long run it won’t matter.

We will both have scars. We will both have things about ourselves we would like to fix and can’t. We will both need and rely on the Atonement continually, because we are both humans, and that means having challenges and being imperfect. But that’s why we’re here! We’re not here to be perfect from day one, we’re here to learn in order to someday reach that ultimate goal of being exalted.

 And my husband and I will be in it together. Two imperfect people learning and stumbling and messing up and loving each other through it all.

So why should I feel like I need to apologize for being a human? I’m not going to grow my hair out to please anyone, because I love how it is, and I can’t change my height, or my laugh, or my bodily proportions- and given the opportunity to do so, I would most likely decline. God gave me this body, and it’s my responsibility to love and take care of it.

So this will be the first and hopefully only time I ever apologize to my future husband about my imperfections. We accept the love we think we deserve, and if I don’t learn to love myself, I can never be with him the way I so often dream about. I need to love myself, so I can in turn let my husband love me as well. I need to do the same for him.

Sweetheart, I am excited to meet you. I am excited to learn all about you, even your imperfections. And I look forward to the perfectly imperfect life we have ahead of us.


Why I Frickin’ Love the Single’s Ward.

Originally, this picture was going to have a purpose in my post. 
Now I just have it because it makes me laugh so hard. 
It’s a representation of me in the single’s ward, can’t you tell? I can just pick and choose whoever I want! (never mind that I can’t actually date James McAvoy, nor can I marry the Bollywood actor my hand is reaching for.)

Originally, this post was going to be about Growing Up and being in the strange limbo stage where I’m just barely out of high school and yet I’m now considered to be “on the market”.
Not that I’m planning on getting married soon, but a girl can dream, right?

Originally, this post was going to be a lot of things- the perfect blend of serious and funny. But I just couldn’t focus long enough to finish it! And so it has sat in my draft folder for two weeks, silently reminding me that I need to get my crap together and just WRITE.
In the end, what got me writing this post was the fact that I discovered I recently acquired a new follower (hi, Haley!), and how the heck am I supposed to acquire more followers and become a famous blogger if I NEVER POST?! So without further ado, I present:

Reasons why I frickin’ love my single’s ward.
  • Well, for starters, my bishop is AWESOME. He cracks me up, and has made sure I’ve felt welcomed into the ward- which is huge. I hate being ignored, so having someone make sure he remembers my name and some basic facts about me is huge. Thanks, bro. (or is it bish? No, that sounds bad. We’ll stick with bro.)
  • Relief society. In one of my previous posts, I wrote about how excited I was to begin relief society, and honestly, this ward has a wonderful program. Maybe it’s because we’re all more or less in the same stage of life, none of us have to run out of the room quietly because our baby suddenly decided to unleash a tidal wave of spit-up, or maybe it’s because we’re all really young. Either way, I just feel like I’m in Young Women’s 2.0, which is a preetty good way to begin relief society.
  • I have the mornings to myself. My ward starts at 1:00, and my family’s ward begins at 8:30, so I get to have the house to myself for a few hours each Sunday, which is nice. I have time to just enjoy the quiet house, and can prepare for the meeting without having to yell at someone because they’re taking too long in the bathroom and I need my toothbrush, or whatever else. I’ve also found myself singing hymns around the house while I get ready/veg in my pj’s because I don’t want to get dressed yet, and I like that. I don’t really like doing that in front of everyone, so having my own private concert is nice. ;^)
  • Since we are all so young, I feel like there is wayyy less judgement from my peers. I think we all have a silent, mutual understanding that these years are weird, and wonderful, and experimental, and we respect that. I feel like nobody is competing to show off how perfect their life is, or how cute their dress is, or how adorable their children are. We just… Are who we are. We wear what we want (within reason), we say what we want, and we don’t worry what anybody else thinks. We’re NOT perfect, and we’re not trying to convince people we are. I’ve never seen so many different hair colors in church before- purple, pink, and blue, namely- and you know what? It doesn’t matter. They are who they are and if pink hair expresses that, more power to them. I just think that in a family ward, the people who look different than your average, cookie-cutter churchgoing person are silently looked down upon, and separated into a category known as Those Mormons. You know, the ones who just don’t really fit the mold? But here, it doesn’t matter. We take you as you are, because we’re all young, and still learning. And you know what? Being different is AWESOME. I like not feeling like I haves droves of people to impress with my righteousness. I like knowing that I, along with my peers, am still learning how to get closer to my Savior. I’m not perfect. Neither are they. But together, we’re all connected in our beliefs. And looks don’t matter, after all. It’s what’s inside that counts. (can I get some props for totally sounding like a fortune cookie right there?)
  • I LOVE the activities! They’re so fun, and I love getting to know these people. 
  • Okay, fine. Yes, it’s nice to have so many good-looking boys in my ward. Yes, it’s wonderful and refreshing to have nothing but dateable young men in my ward. Yes, heavens yes, it is nice to have young men in the ward who know how to fit their suits…. Also, I didn’t know this before, but really awesome socks are a huge turn on. Does your ensemble have lackluster socks? Sorry, sweetie. Not happening. Give me the socks that straddle the line between whimsical and practical. (a weird attraction to have, no?)
I guess what I’m trying to say here is… The single’s ward is wonderful! It’s not a scary cult that forces you to marry. It is a gathering place where young adults come to get closer to their Savior. I’m so glad I decided to make the change. I have not regretted it once.
Man, I’m going to miss this ward when I go to college.

A love letter to my mommy, on this lovely day.

Hi Mom.

It’s me, your eldest daughter.

I’m writing in to tell you just how much I appreciate everything you do for me every time a school dance rolls around (I mean, I appreciate what you do every day, but I figured I’d make it specific).
We’ve been doing this for two years now, and it’s all about to end! Can you believe it? You’ve been there for every. Single. One. That’s eleven dances in two years!

(missing one Sadies and Senior Prom, but you get the gist.)

I’m incredibly needy and selfish. I haven’t really noticed how insufferable I can get during the days and weeks leading up to a school dance, but I’m sure I’ve been burdensome. And have you ever complained? No! You’ve been the most patient, loving, giving example I could have. I hope I can be even half as amazing when my own daughters go to their school dances!

Throughout each experience, you’ve been there. You’ve helped me plan, prepare, ask, answer, pick out a dress, and help me with my hair. You have no idea how much I appreciate this! You’ve kept me from going insane, and even if I’ve gotten a little snippy at you, you’ve been so, so wonderful despite my outbursts. 
Something I LOVE about you is how excited you’ve gotten for me for every dance. I remember jumping around in the kitchen with you, holding hands and screaming. Gosh, that was fun. I remember when we made a frantic dash to WalMart in order to help me ask someone to a dance within the next 20 minutes. And you’ve been there for me when things didn’t turn out so great. You’ve supported me, let me cry it out, and helped me when my dresses needed alterations. Did you ever hesitate? Nope! You’re remarkable, Mom. I really don’t know what I would do without you. I don’t have words enough to tell you how much I LOVE YOU! You’re just…. Golly, you’re the best. :^)
Can’t wait for this weekend! Thank you for being my best friend. 

Winter Formal 2013 part 1: the ask.

Yes, I know Homecoming just barely happened, but when you go to a school as small as mine, a girl’s got to ask QUICKLY, otherwise you don’t get a real date and this happens. So, pretty much the day after Homecoming, it’s open season for us ladies.

Just pretend the 3 animals are girls & you have an accurate
representation of what it’s like out there.

 It’s pretty cut-throat.
You have to act as fast as humanly possible, because if a guy is even remotely attractive, rest assured he’ll be asked within two weeks.
And if the guy is popular…. Well, it gets even MORE crazy.

It is a stampede. A stampede of insane girls, all after one boy.
Like I said, you have to act fast.
A while ago, whilst in the midst of running bread route, my darling Jennika and I stumbled upon an idea of complete and utter genius. We would ask Ben and McKay to Winter Formal and double up! However, seeing as how the two of them are easily THE most well-known boys in school, we would have to ask even quicker than usual! We would simply ask them the day of the Homecoming game (a day before the Homecoming dance), and get ‘er done quickly. Here is the illustrated version of our plan:

It. Was. Gold. But as time went by, we discovered that McKay had already been asked more than a week prior (which is totally RIDICULOUS), and then I began hearing about other girls’ intense dislike for anyone who asked before Homecoming. I became timid, and worried about social exile, when I heard another thing that decided it once and for all: Ben, my prospective date, absolutely despised the idea of being asked before Homecoming was over. So I scrapped the early bird plan and decided to ask him Saturday, the day after the dance. By this time I was REALLY nervous, because I didn’t want him to completely hate me for asking so soon, but it had to be done.
So Saturday morning, I was chilling out, editing my Homecoming pictures, when I got a text message asking me if I’d asked Ben yet. I replied that I would ask in approximately an hour and a half.
She said to hurry, because someone else was fixing to ask him that day too. Soon. I had to JUMP ON IT. So, my heart pumping madly and my hands shaking fiercely, I bolted up the stairs and broke the news to my mom. Instantly, she morphed into Super Mom, because without hesitation, she grabbed her purse, slipped on her shoes, and asked me for his address. This was happening, and it was happening NOW. I told her the address, and we zoomed off to WalMart to grab a poster board and some Hershey’s kisses. The whole shopping trip probably lasted about 40 seconds, and we practically ran back to the car. I frantically wrote the words,
I “kiss” the ground you walk on…
Will you go to Winter Formal with me?
I wrote my name on the back, and we sped off towards his house. Once we got there, however, we noticed a man in the yard. Worried that it was him, we awkwardly stayed in the car for a few more moments until I realized it was just his dad. So I timidly got out of the car and asked if Ben was home. He said no, and I scrambled up the front walk to set up my invitation. I placed the poster gingerly in front of the door, and sprinkled Kisses all over the porch. Afterwards, I jumped back in the car and we drove home. Having successfully beaten the other girl to the punch, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I did it! I actually did it!
So now we wait….
My fingers are crossed.


Homecoming pictures!

When getting ready for a dance, it is customary to look as ugly as possible the day of the dance, that way you look and feel your absolute best by the time it rolls around- at least, that’s what I do.

Then, after getting the majority of your makeup done, you head over to the salon to get your hair done!

Afterwards, you get home just in time to put on your outfit, get your purse together, and touch up your lipstick. A mini photo shoot is a must!

At last, your (adorable) date shows up, and you get the classic shot in the house:

And then it’s off to the park, for some more perfect pictures!!! (you’re gonna want to click on them to make them bigger. They are WAY too cute.)

So uh… Yeah, my date is the cutest guy alive. :^)
What a night!!!!
I’ll post some more pictures tomorrow, but with Geneal!


Homecoming 2013!!!

Right now it is SUPER late, but I simply had to post this before I get all tired and lose my steam.

Homecoming was tonight! I basically felt like this all week:
And today was really no different! I got my hair done by the oh-so-fabulous Mary Wadsworth, and then headed home to finish my makeup/ get dressed. Earlier today (er, yesterday. It’s late), I got my date a Navy pilot pin, and hunkered down to wait to get picked up. They were a bit late, but it’s fine. We still ended up like 20 minutes early to the dance anyway, so it was fine. :^)
The pictures turned out ADORABLE, and once I get them edited I will put them up, post haste. Seriously though…. My date and I looked SO CUTE. Can’t wait to show you! The whole night people commented.
Now, it’s time to get real. I could bore you with details, but I’d rather talk about my date. I went with Geneal and my good friend, Tyler. I was his first date, since he just turned 16, and lemme tell ya, this boy earned MAJOR points tonight. 
First off, he was a total gentleman/sweetheart/flirt all night long! Opened every door for me, made me feel appreciated, and whenever a boy told me I looked good, he would put his arm around me and say “yeah, well, she’s mine tonight!” Squee!
Another thing about Tyler is his love for planes. We walked into the hangar and both of us immediately freaked out. I had him give me a tour of the hangar and had him tell me about every single plane, and the thing is, he knew TONS about every single one. He knows his stuff, which was so cute. I love to hear people talk about their passions, so making sure I indulged him was a big thing for me. I tried to spend the night focusing on him and making him feel good and important, and I think he did the same thing for me because I have never had that much fun at a dance before (Sadies excluded. But this dance was still better)! Usually at every dance I’ve been to, the boy I’m with will sort of dance with me, but overall there usually isn’t much dancing going on.
Not so this time! Tyler danced with me for pretty much every single song, which was HUGE for me. I’m not used to that, and having him dance with me was awesome! It wasn’t like he was being forced into it, either. He enjoyed it, and at one point I heard him say he didn’t want the night to end! That may have been because of the planes, but I’ll take it. :^)
Long story short, he was perfect, and there will be no complaints coming from me about him! SUCH a sweetie. I’m so beyond glad he asked me, and I’m even more glad he treated me the way he did. That scored so many points, lemme tell ya. He has been raised right! I’m just… Happy tonight. :^D
Pictures will be up soon!! I’ll leave you with this for now to tide you over:

The Story Of How I Got Asked.

So…. I got asked to Homecoming today!!! It wasn’t anything super elaborate, but this was probably one of the sweetest ways I’ve ever been asked to a dance before.
Story? Duh.
So I’ve had this hunch about who was going to ask me to Homecoming, mainly because the other day I was complaining loudly to my sister about how three (count ’em. THREE) of my guy friends are NOT EVEN GOING to Homecoming, and how bummish it all was, when Geneal and my friend, Tyler said
“Well, I’ll be sixteen by then. I could take you!” I giggled flirtatiously and said alluringly,
“Oh my gosh, that would be so funny!” Then I winked at him six times. Just kidding. But really, I was really into the whole idea! Tyler is SUCH a sweet boy, and I know we would have so, so much fun together. So I began hoping and waiting.
Over the weekend I reasoned that he would probably ask me today (Tuesday), and I figured it would be something on my locker, so as we walked into school this morning, I felt a small twinge of disappointment at seeing a blank locker. So I opened it in the hopes that I might find something inside, but to no avail.
Maybe Tyler wasn’t actually asking me?
As I went about my day, I noticed Tyler didn’t really talk to me, which is weird, since he usually does. That was suspicious… But whatever.
Then things got really exciting!
In Drama, a guy came up and asked me if I was planning on going to Homecoming, or if I’d been asked. Truth be told, that weirded me out just a wee bit, as I’d already gone out with him, but I answered honestly.
“I haven’t been asked yet,” I said, “but I have a hunch about who might ask me…”
“Oh,” he said, “cool. Just wondering, cuz somebody asked me about it today, so I said I’d investigate.”
“Who asked you that?” I inquired.
“Your Ballroom partner last year… Tyler, I think it was.” By this time, I couldn’t stop grinning. I love being right! “Why? Who was your hunch about?”
“It was about Tyler,” I confessed. “Is he gonna ask me to Homecoming?!?!?!!?”
“I can’t tell you that!” he said, attempting to look nonchalant.
“I’m pretty much positive he’s asking me, so you may as well just spit it out now,” I said, cracking my knuckles menacingly. Just kidding.
“Okay, fine. He’s totally asking you,” He admitted. I then squealed and jumped up and down a few times, just for happy effect, and then made him swear not to tell Tyler that I knew. He swore, and then I went cheerily to Ballroom.
After school, I waited outside the multipurpose room in order to get some shade and maybe talk to some friends. Then, the unexpected happened. Someone was… Calling me on the phone?
“Haeley, where are you?” he asked.
“I’m near the multipurpose room….. Why…?”
“I’ve got someone who needs to ask you something!” We hung up, and I spotted him dragging along a mildly petrified-looking Tyler.
“Hey, Tyler!” I said sunshinily (definitely just made up that word), “That’s a pretty awesome shirt you got there.” It was true. He was holding a snazzy-looking Heritage Hero t-shirt, and for a second, I thought that was how he was going to ask me, via t-shirt. Rapidly, I began sifting through possible witty ways of asking someone out via t-shirt, but I came up blank.
“Yeah, it’s the new student council t-shirt!” he flipped it over to show me the back, which had the names of all the student council officers emblazoned on it. Pretty sweet.
We stood there awkwardly for a second until the other guy prodded Tyler and said “GO!”
Tyler then proceeded to turn white. Hoping to spare him some embarrassment, I made a few more awkward comments about the shirt, and finally he looked at me.
“Haeley, will you, uh, go to Homecoming… With me?” He croaked nervously, going paler by the second.
“TYLER! OF COURSE I WILL!!! YESS!!” I squealed merrily, grinning and clapping my hands. I wasn’t feigning surprise this time. I wasn’t expecting to be asked flat-out like that, but hey! I’ll take it! Tyler looked so relieved he stopped going pale, and instead turned quite red.
“Oh, good. I was SO NERVOUS.” He said, shuffling his feet and still blushing.
“Tyler!! I’m so excited!!” I said again. I’m really creative when it comes to talking to people. Obviously. Then we hugged, and he stumbled away. I ducked into the multipurpose room to let my friends know, and Geneal told me how nervous he’d been all weekend. I felt (and still feel) so flattered that he fussed so much over this, just for me! I’m SO EXCITED to be going to Homecoming with someone as sweet and genuine as him, and I’ve already got some fantastic ideas for pictures up my sleeve. ;^) Stay tuned!