Sparks- a short story written by yours truly, just for fun because I can do that. :^)

It’s mid-August. Monsoon season. Today there was a particularly awesome dust storm, so naturally, I invited him over to observe with me. It’s our thing, after all. We both enjoy a good show, and when Mother Nature cooks up a special episode, we NEVER miss it.

The two of us run about in the dust storm for a while, screaming and playing like two hyper little kids. Although some people hate dust storms, I find them fantastic and beautiful. Miraculously, neither of us have any dust allergies or asthma, so dust storms are infinitely more enjoyable.

 Amidst all the wind, I look over to see him calmly enjoying the storm, and my heart starts pounding. That’s one of the things I love most about him- his ability to play around like a little boy, and be serious and thoughtful the next. He looks so strong and capable in that moment, and all he’s doing is standing there in a huge cloud of grit! The way he stands, as if nothing will ever phase him, the way he’s casually crossing his arms…. All of him is perfect. He’s my everything, and he doesn’t even know.

We’ve been best friends for three years, but I’ve liked him as more than a friend for almost as long. It kills me to see him flirt with other girls, all the while trying to hide my feelings as if it’s no big deal. But it IS a big deal… To me. Unrequited love is romantic in the books, but in reality, it sucks big-time. All I’ve ever wanted to do is tell him how I feel, but I can’t possibly jeopardize our friendship over a crush. I’m just not that bold. So here I’ve been, year after year, being his faithful friend and simply enjoying the ride (and thinking about his perfect lips more often than I’d care to admit).

He catches me staring and smiles, his eyes crinkling up in a way that makes me utterly melt. Why does he have to do that to me every single time?! Doesn’t he realize I am turning into jelly at his feet? He saunters up.

“Hey, let’s head inside. I’m starting to think my teeth will never be white again!” He grimaces and gets in my face, trying to show off his dirt-covered teeth. Naturally, they look flawless and clean, but I push him away, shrieking about how gross they are, and run toward my house laughing. He quickly catches up and scoops me into his arms (oh, those muscular arms!) and charges up to my garage just as it starts to rain. I punch in the garage code as quickly as possible, and duck inside before the rain can turn us into a gritty, sopping mess.

I head for the door leading into the house, but he grabs my hand and pulls me back.

“Let’s sit and watch the rain,” he says softly, grinning. I leave the garage door open.

“Okay,” I answer automatically. He’s not going to try to….? I push that thought out of my head. Must. Distract. Myself. “Um…. Want a Popsicle? I think my mom just bought some…” I say, turning away and rummaging through the freezer, pulling out a box of fruity-flavored treats.

“Absolutely!” He answers enthusiastically, always in the mood for food. I grab myself a cherry-flavored one and turn to him.

“What flavor?” I ask nonchalantly, knowing the answer before he speaks.

“Grape, of course. It’s always grape for me, you know that!” He chuckles.

“I know, I just hope you’ll change your mind. Who likes grape?” I say, wrinkling my nose. Grape-flavored anything tastes just like medicine, and I’ve never understood why anyone would like it. He sticks his tongue out at me, and I do likewise, handing him his Popsicle. He takes it, his hand lingering on mine for a second longer than necessary. I look down at our hands, heat rushing to my face. I look back up at him, and he’s staring at me with a peculiar look on his face, like he wants to say something; but I’m afraid of what it might be, so I drop my hand and go over to an old bench with my laptop set on top.
I set up Pandora for lack of something better to do, and turn up the volume. It’s too quiet in here, aside from the pounding rain outside. He sits on the ratty old couch set in the middle of the garage and motions for me to sit next to him. I curl up on a cushion and we both sit in silence, crunching on our icy desserts. The rain really is beautiful, and I can’t imagine a better way to spend our afternoon. We finish our Popsicles, and we tell each other the jokes printed on the sticks (what has two hands but no arms? A clock). Then we sit back and listen to the music, singing along to some of them, but mostly watching the rain quietly.

Suddenly, Coldplay’s song “Sparks” comes on, and he stands up.

“Dance with me,” he says, extending his arm.

“Really?” I say hesitantly. I don’t want this to turn into a pillow fight or something stupid.

“Really,” he says, pulling me up off the couch and into his arms. We sway slowly to the music, me leaning my head on his chest the way I’ve considered doing so many times. He folds his arms around my waist, and I tuck my hands under my chin, so he’s just holding me as we slowly turn a circle. The sun is peeking out from the clouds, turning the rain into a golden shimmer.

He leans in close to my ear and sings softly with the song,
“my heart is yours, it’s you that I hold on to… That’s what I do.”
He holds me tighter, and stops moving. I look up at him, and he smiles. Brushing my hair away from my face, he brings his other hand up and, sliding them both into my messy hair, tilts my face up to his. His lips just barely brush mine, and I grip onto his wrists, getting onto my tiptoes. We close our eyes, and our lips finally meet.

His lips are soft, warm, and gentle. He tastes sweet, like a grape Popsicle. I always thought I hated that flavor, but now I’m having second thoughts. This kiss changes everything. I no longer care that I’ve waited so long to tell him how I feel, because it doesn’t matter anymore. The fact that I’ve had to stay in the background, waiting for my turn to be his leading lady, is irrelevant in this moment. This perfect, blissful moment.

I feel beautiful. It doesn’t matter that I’m in my old sweatpants with the frayed edges. It doesn’t matter that I’m not wearing a stitch of makeup, nor does it matter that my hair is a tangled, dusty rat’s nest. Right now, I am the most beautiful girl in the world. I am HIS girl, and I’ve never been so blissfully happy.

We finally break the kiss, and he leans his forehead on mine, breathing in. I breathe in as well, and inhale the scent of wet pavement along with his smell. Clean, and masculine, with just a hint of dirt from the storm. I’ll remember this smell forever.

We hold each other, still not saying a word, and as I look outside, I can see the rain still falling, lit by the sunshine. It’s a beautiful sight, the golden rain.

It almost looks like… Sparks.


Sunday thoughts: Easter.

In the past few years, I have realized that I’m not a huge easter person. I don’t like coloring eggs, I don’t care for the easter bunny, and jellybeans are thoroughly unpalatable to me. I don’t like easter.

But I do like Easter. 

I like having a day where all around the world, people remember our Saviour, Jesus Christ, and what He’s done for us. I love knowing that even though we may be of different faiths, we all believe that Christ died for us, and because of Him, we can be with Him again and we can live once more.
Today in Sunday school we watched a video entitled, “Because of Him.” It details so many things we are able to do, and have done, because of our Saviour. How amazing and comforting it is to know this truth!

Because of Him, I can be with my dear family forever.
Because of Him, I don’t have to be afraid of death.
Because of Him, I know that I am loved, and will always have Someone willing to listen to me.
Because of Him, I will be sealed to my future husband and children forever.
Because of Him, I can be forgiven.

We had a wonderful, wonderful discussion in Young Women’s about the Atonement today as well. We watched a very touching video about Christ’s last days through the eyes of one of His apostles. It was a new perspective on that event, and brought now things to light that I hadn’t seen before.
Then we had two leaders sing a song about the Atonement, and it was so, so beautiful. I love songs about the Saviour, because they are always so clean and pure and true. Music brings the Spirit in a way that words can’t, and it illustrates flawlessly my feelings.

We bore our testimonies of the Atonement afterwards, and I knew I was going to say something, I just wasn’t sure about what. But I got up and followed the Spirit.

I spoke of how this was my last Easter at home, and how as exciting as it was, I was also terrified. I feel like I talk about it all the time, but it’s true. Growing up is a foreign concept to me- being the oldest in your family has some challenges, after all. I said how even though I was going to miss my family so much, and even though being alone would be hard, it would all be worth it. Because even if I’m alone physically, I am NEVER alone spiritually. Jesus Christ is ALWAYS right there for me, and because of Him, I know that moving out doesn’t have to be scary. It will be a wonderful experience! I will grow and become better because of it, and my Saviour will be there every step of the way.
I couldn’t hold back my tears as I spoke of my love for my Saviour and my family, and my heart has been full ever since.
How truly grateful I am to know that I am LOVED!
I hope you know that you are, too. I hope you never feel completely alone and hopeless, because you are NEVER alone. There is ALWAYS hope for you. Christ is always there.

His hand is stretched out still.

Happy Easter, everyone. I hope you remember the reason for this beautiful day. :^)


Muumuu to new top!

So I’ve had this muumuu for a while.

It was fun and comfortable, but aside from using it as a nightgown and occasionally making an appearance as an old lady, I really didn’t have a use for it. :^(

Enter the refashion!

I’ve been wanting a cute floral top for a while, but couldn’t find any cute, cheap ones I liked.
Then, about ten minutes ago, I got the idea to cut my muumuu into a cute shirt! The stretchy material provided for absolutely no sewing necessary, and I was able to do it in minutes! We used a rotary cutter, and my mom suggested we make the cut in a curved line. I was skeptical at first, but once all was said and done, I LOVED the curvy edge! I’m super happy with my new shirt. :^D

Super attractive face, just fyi.


Never text in bed- a cautionary tale.


Moths are attracted to light. That is a true fact that has been proven time and time again. It is indisputable.

Just a little background for the story I am about to tell you.
Due to the lovely weather today, our door was open for the majority of the day; including, I’m assuming, a little bit of the evening. Prime opportunity for a sneaky little moth to make its way into my lovely house. 
I had just returned  home from work and was chatting with my mother in the kitchen when we noticed a healthy-sized moth flittering about upon the ceiling. We didn’t really think much of it, and soon the moth was forgotten. 
After eating dinner and perusing Pinterest for a bit, I headed to bed. I turned the lights off, snuggled into the covers, and continued my text conversation with my good friend Sarah. 
All was well and good. Until.
Until that powdery little devil named Moth decided to make his presence known. 
I suppose dear old Mothy was extremely attracted to the light emanating from my cellular device, because before I knew it, he had found a comfortable place to rest and observe the light. 
These gifs accurately display the compromising emotional state I was in at that precise moment. 
Quickly, like a ninja/jungle cat, I leapt out of my bed, across the room, and out into the hallway whilst shrieking and flailing my hands about like a madwoman. Mothy flew out of my mouth and (hopefully) out of my room as I tried to explain amidst a fit of nervous giggles what had happened. Apparently my shrieking had startled my father, the only other person awake in the house. 
So that is my story. Never text in bed. Also, never let strange moths into your bedroom. You’re better than that.

Four months from today

As of August 1st, the lease on my new apartment begins.
As in, I am MOVING OUT in four months. I graduate next month, and my life really, officially begins.
Up until today I have been nothing but excited and generally overjoyed about the whole deal. I’m just so jazzed to be starting this new point in my life! I will be an independent adult! Living in a small town, and learning how to live on my own! Stressful, but necessary.

Of course, this has been the hot topic of conversation between me and my parents as of late, and I know I’m going to miss them terribly, and I know they’re going to miss me too, but it just hasn’t seemed like that much of a big deal until tonight. Tonight it all got real.

I was out on a walk with my two little brothers, and somewhere along the way, I remarked that I was moving out in four months.

“April Fool’s! ….Right?” Thing 1 said. I said no, it was true, and he sighed. “Dangit!”

“Why?” I asked him.

“I’m really going to miss you…. But when you have babies I’m going to be an UNCLE!” I rolled my eyes a bit at that last comment (my siblings want nothing more than for me to have babies so they can have little nieces and nephews), but the fact that he was really going to miss me hit me hard. We continued walking, and Thing 2 kept saying he didn’t want me to leave.

“I want you to stay here until we’re grown up!” He giggled. I laughed along with him, but inside I started getting sad. My siblings were actually going to…. Miss me. 

Now, I know my parents will miss me, and they’ve said so repeatedly, but parents have to say that. Siblings are just… Well, different.
To be honest, I don’t feel like that great of a sister. I lose my temper too easily, and I think I fall short in a lot of areas. I don’t think I’m a good example; rather, I feel like I’m an example of everything you’re NOT supposed to do in high school. I often think I don’t deserve their love, so hearing that they will actually miss me is huge.
After we got home, we snuggled a little bit and then Thing 1 dashed off to play Legos while Thing 2 and I made some chocolate milk. Standing there in the kitchen, while Thing 2 fiddled with his little apron and licked the chocolate off a spoon, I realized I was going to be leaving him in just four short months. Suddenly, I wanted to pick him up and hug and kiss him until he couldn’t breathe. I can’t bear the thought of leaving him. That’s going to be so, so hard. I’ve been here for all of my siblings. I’ve watched them grow up, and knowing I’m not going to be in the house for the majority of his childhood is hard to take in.
Geez. I’ve been crying through this whole post. I’m such a baby.

Gonna miss that little booger.
I’m going to miss all my siblings. Heck, I’m leaving my whole family!

This is going to be an adventure, but it’ll be a tough one.
Growing up is hard.


Easy ideas for April Fool’s day.

Since I didn’t get to pull any pranks this year, I decided to share some simple ideas for you! Enjoy!

There’s the classic “surprise you’re not actually pregnant with a human” joke:

There’s also the “alternative ending proposal” stunt you can pull:

Or there’s the ever-popular car crash idea:

Hope you can use these ideas to your advantage! I hope you have a very successful April Fool’s day.