Today I had a life-changing, earth-shattering, world-altering event take place:

I had a haircut.
I got a PIXIE haircut. I’m still trying to get used to it all, but before I post all the gory details about my day, I’m going to leave you with some of my favorite long-haired selfies. Because, hair. And also: my face.

This was an amazing hair day for me… Messy bun time!

Bedhead. Yay.

Bask in my long hair, because tomorrow I reveal the chop!


Old Pictures

We just experienced somewhat of a mystery here!  My sisters just found a camera under their bed, and nobody could figure out whose it was, until I popped the memory card into my handy dandy laptop and we eventually figured out that the camera belongs to my Aunt Diane. The real question is…. How did it get here? Aunt Diane has never been to our house, so the mysterious appearance itself is still yet to be solved.

When we looked through the memory card to try to figure it out, we discovered that this camera held nothing but really old pictures of our Grandpa DeWitt. It was really neat to go back and see him go from a young man, to a father, to a grandpa, to a great-grandpa. I really appreciated it because earlier this week marked the 1-year anniversary of his passing, and it was comforting to his smile again. Here are some of my favorite shots:

Grandpa and Grandma:

Young Grandpa:

This is my favorite.

I also found pictures that I had taken!

Even though it was a funny little happenstance, I’m glad we found them. Love and miss you, Grandpa!
Link to last year’s post about Grandpa here.


Food adventure #1: pumpkin smoothie.

In keeping with my New Years resolution, I have decided to journal about my latest venture with food: the pumpkin smoothie. Sounds dreamy, right?
I was Pinteresting when the urge for pumpkin hit me. I needed it right. Then. But I didn’t have the means or patience to make a pie, and I didn’t know any other recipes! That’s when I decided to surf the wonderful interwebs and find a solution. And that solution came in the form of a pumpkin smoothie!
I assembled the ingredients, blended it, and… Presto! Smoothie time!

The conclusion?
Not too bad… But definitely not my favorite. I was hoping for something a little more pumpkin pie-ish, and this tasted more like bananas and Greek yogurt (two of the ingredients). Which was weird, because I added less than suggested and put MORE pumpkin than was suggested as well! What gives, smoothie?

It smelled delightful, and I only wish it was as wonderful as the smell made it out to be. While it wasn’t terrible, I probably won’t be making this again anytime soon.

Oh well. What’s done is done and cannot be undone. Onwards and upwards!

Stay hungry, friends.


A trip to the cadaver lab, some important musings, and pictures. Of course.

Before I start this post I just want to reassure everyone that no, I did NOT take any pictures in the cadaver lab. That would be in poor taste. I simply added some illustrations to my important musings which you will be privy to in just a moment. First, let me tell you about the cadaver lab.

When the cadaver lab was first announced, I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to go. I mean, looking at actual, realistically sized body parts? Coolio! I wasn’t into it just because I could see dead people (although I guess that factor was cool…..?), I was genuinely interested in seeing our bodies stripped down to their most basic components.

When we got there, they briefed us on regular safety procedures, including the tidbit about passing out, that is: if you pass out in the lab, you are required to stay down until 911 is notified- how. Embarrassing. Can you imagine being that unlucky person? You’d just chill down on the ground while everyone else stared at you until the paramedics arrived to tell you what you already knew- you’re perfectly okay, you’re just a wimp who needs to not do anything fun ever. Personally, I’d either play it up, or try to jump up when people weren’t looking and see how many jumping jacks I could crank out before someone pushed me back down. And what if I just tripped over my shoes? WHAT THEN?! Would I still have to stay down???

These thoughts in my head, I determined to not faint of even get dizzy inside the lab; however, right before we went in, I had a tiny moment of panic- I was actually going to see someone who had passed on. Someone who lived a full, and (hopefully) happy life… And they were going to be reduced to mere fragments in order to educate us. Wow.

When we went into the lab, it wasn’t all that bad. We were able to look at individual organs, identify them, and describe their function. It was interesting to see the various sizes of each organ, and it was all fun and games until we reached one particular organ…. The uterus. It was pretty much the size of a quarter. Wut.

It simply baffled me. I mean, I knew it was small, but not THAT small. Babies grow in those things! It’s so tiny!!! What the heck?! And don’t even get me started on menstruation. A teeny, tiny, little organ causes THAT much pain? It causes your whole entire life to slow down for a week? It makes your stomach hurt like the dickens? I couldn’t even understand how much blood could fit in that tiny pouch. If it’s so tiny, how come periods take all week? How come it can’t just all come out at once? Where is the justice in this system?!?!?!?! The lady said she didn’t think uteruses even expanded during menses, which doesn’t make sense. You lose about 6-9 tablespoons of menstrual fluid per period. TABLESPOONS. NOT TEASPOONS. WHAT IS LIFE. WHAT. That is a LOT. And it somehow is packaged in a small pouch. I just do not understand. Especially the pain associated with it. I was confused, but upon further reflection I came to the reason. Observe below:
*click to make pictures bigger*

For the record, this sad uterus just kills me every time. Poor uterus.

That. That is exactly what happened in the Great Organ Conference, and this is when periods were born. Because the uterus has something to prove. Because the uterus is independent, and doesn’t need to be big to be important. Because the uterus GROWS BABIES. Do you see the heart doing that? Heck no. Do you ever happen upon a fertile stomach? Fat chance. Uteruses are where it’s at- literally.

In other news, we also had a lockdown while in the cadaver lab, and stayed in there an additional, what, 30 minutes? It was crazy, man. I’m just glad we didn’t have to turn out the lights, because eek. I’m also glad the zombie apocalypse didn’t start right then, either. Aaaaawwwwkkwwaaaarrdddd…

But it was REALLY neat. I would totally go again, and if you aren’t squeamish around those kind of things, and can handle the smell (I covered my nose the whole time, personally), DO IT. It’s really eye-opening to see how the body fits together and works. So even if you aren’t going into the medical field, it’s a really, really wonderful experience. Bodies really are amazing, aren’t they?

Especially the uterus.


A new beginning (and welcome to my blog!)

As of now, my blog is officially public!

That seems so weird to me… This has always been a private blog, and it’s kind of crazy to think that I will no longer be in charge of who reads this little blog. It’s out in the open for anyone and everyone to read, and who knows? Maybe they will.

This may not seem like a huge deal to you, but it’s big for me. When I first started this blog almost 7 years ago, I had no idea I would come to care this much about it. I didn’t think I would keep going as long as I have. I’ve never been good at journaling, so why would a blog be any different? I think I blog because not only is it easier to type than to write, but I can share it with people. I’ve been sharing it with people, and I love doing so.

That’s why this is huge. I have spent almost 7 years of my life sharing what’s gone on with me to my tiny audience. I wasn’t afraid of holding anything back, because I knew they would still love me and it wouldn’t be a big deal, but now there are going to be people I don’t know reading this, and they will read those posts. They will know all about me, and they’ll either love it or hate it.

It’s scary, but I’m ready to do this. I WANT to expand my audience. I want people to see me as I’ve grown up- and I have. I became a teenager on this blog, and now I’ve become a (legal, at least) adult. In a few years, I will have pictures of my husband and I, and in a few more years, I will have pictures of my husband and children. And it will all be recorded here. Someday I will be able to show my kids how dorky I was as a 12-year-old little girl, and I’ll be able to show them when I got engaged, married, and when I first found out I was going to become a mother. It’ll be here! I think that’s so amazing.

This is why I blog. Blogs can’t be burnt in a fire. They can’t run out of paper. They are HERE. And now, here it is, out in the open. Ready for you to read!

I can’t wait to begin this new chapter of Have Fun, Be Weird. Some might think it’s silly to invest so much emotion in a blog nobody cares about, but to me, this is my journal. This is ME!

Here’s to many more years of blogging!


The 18th year….

It’s crazy to think that legally, I’m now considered an adult. Do I feel like one? Heck to the no! But apparently I am one now…. Freaky, isn’t it? One day you’re an innocent teenager, minding your teenager-y business, and the next… BOOM. Adult. I mean, obviously I haven’t physically changed or anything. I haven’t been given a Badge of Official Adulthood or anything, and to be honest, I don’t feel “older”. But I do feel different. This year, things are changing. So many things, and I don’t know if I’m excited or scared.

First off, this is my last birthday at home. Next year, I will be a poor college student and I’ll probably be able to scrape enough money together to buy myself a bran muffin to commemorate the occasion, but I don’t foresee much of a celebration happening. Which is kind of a bummer, but then again, life goes on and birthdays aren’t a humongous deal after all.

Secondly, I’m old enough to do so many things now! Skydive, hold puppies at the mall, buy dry ice and spray paint, cigarettes (not that THAT will EVER happen), I can work in some clothing stores that I was previously too young for, I can register to vote, I can go to Relief Society, I can GET MARRIED LEGALLY WITHOUT MY PARENT’S CONSENT, (let’s pause for a moment and reflect. As of right now, I can get. Hitched. Is anybody else feeling slightly weird about that declaration? I mean, I’m not running off and eloping anytime soon, but that is seriously bizarre.) and I can be punished for crimes as an adult. Yay, me! 😛

Another neat thing I’m old enough to do now is become a doula! A doula is a person (usually a woman) who assists women during labor and childbirth. I’ve always been fascinated by the miracle of birth, and have considered becoming a doula for a long time now. Since finding out that I am old enough to do so, I have decided to begin taking steps to become qualified. Knowing that someday I can help other women bring little children into the world is amazing, and I can’t wait!

I’m switching gears now to tell you about my day. Savvy?

Originally, I was mildly irritated by the thought of turning 18 on Sunday. Hello? I’m an adult now! Where’s the fun and celebratory purchasing I get to participate in? Why do I have to wake up early to go to church on my birthday?! Ughhhh….

Turns out, it wasn’t half bad.

I woke up early to a few sweet messages from my friends, and showered off to begin getting ready. My family came to my door to sing happy birthday to me, and in honor of how I emerged into this world, I greeted them in my birthday suit. Okay, not really. I had a blanket on, and I had just gotten out of the shower, so I had an excuse to be in the nude. Even so, I thought it was really funny that I was basically in the same boat as I was 18 years ago. Naked, and slightly confused as a whole bunch of people smiled and stared at me. I finished getting ready, and off we went to church!

It was ward conference, and we had several different stake officers speak to us during church. It was a really, really good meeting, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than by drawing closer to the very Being who created me. It was a neat perspective on today. Birthdays are traditionally focused on the person in question, and I liked how instead of the focus being on little, insignificant me, we all focused on our Heavenly Father, the one who gave us life.

Sometimes I think that my birthdays should instead be a celebration for my parents and my heavenly parents, because I did nothing but pop out of my mother. My mom was the one who grew me, spent time in the hospital for months trying to keep me in to continue developing, and she’s the one who went through the pain of getting me here. My dad stood by her side through it all, never questioning whether it was worth it or not, and the two of them have brought me up these past 18 years. They have struggled with me, prayed for me, and worried over me countless times, and they will do that the rest of their lives. I honestly do not understand why they keep it up, but I am grateful every day for their unconditional love and sacrifice for me. Mom, Dad, I don’t think there is any way to ever come close to expressing my sheer gratitude to the two of you for raising me and being so patient through the ups and downs, but I want you to know how much I love you. You two are truly an inspiration, and I can only hope I can be half the parent you guys are. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To my siblings and friends, I love you all so much as well. You’ve stuck with me for years, and I am so grateful for that. Seeing the little Facebook messages pop up today has brought a smile to my face every time. I don’t deserve the love you have shown, but I’m so grateful you thought of me. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much it means to me. I hope you can feel my love.

It’s definitely been a good 18 years. I’m looking forward to what happens next!


My New Year’s Resolution

Okay. I’m kinda tired of constantly making and breaking fitness goals for New Years, and they usually don’t work out for other people either (if you have a New Year’s success story, I stand corrected.), so I’ve decided to scrap that idea- horrible, I know. But I have a new one, a resolution I’m almost positive I will ENJOY.
Over the past little while, I have come to the conclusion that I am helplessly in love with food.

 I think about it all the time, I eat it at least three times a day, and the last time I went to the mall, I browsed a couple stores, but I was really excited about the food court. What sights! What smells! What excitement!

Admittedly, I only got one thing, and that was only because my little sister wanted some pretzel bits.
Which, for the record, were DELIGHTFUL. They were plain, unsalted, and sauce-free, so we were free to enjoy the simple pleasure of fat, moist, warm pretzel. Ohhh my.

Off topic, sorry. My point is, I freaking love food!

And my New Year’s resolution is as follows:
Just kidding. I’m not about to go eat fried grass soaked in elephant tears or something. I’m simply going to get out there and try food I’ve never had before, be it a new flavor of Jamba Juice, or that weird-looking hamburger/hot dog thing at Quik Trip, I will eat it! And I will photograph my various adventures in eating, and write about it, so I have a journal of food. That’s one way to keep a food diary, right?

The way I see it right now (and this is subject to change), I should enjoy eating. It shouldn’t have to be a tasteless torture time whenever I eat lunch. Of course, I will still try my best to be as healthy as can be, but I think it’s possible to be healthy and still enjoy eating things that may or may not be completely “good for you”. Moderation in all things, and hopefully 2014 won’t end with me being a fatty.


Change is crazy, yo.

So… Um, Happy New Year and stuff, you guys!
Gosh, these posts are always so awkward for me. What am I supposed to say? Here goes nothing…
This past year has been weird. I really don’t know how to sum it all up in one sentence, or even a paragraph. It just kind of… Was. It came, it went, and now I have a whole new year to fill with goofiness! Yay!

Really though, I have no idea what this year will bring. I’m scared, I’m excited, I’m… Actually pretty tired. But I do hope this year brings many, many great experiences.
Love you all!

Here’s the annual New Year’s Selfie:

(Way nicer than last year’s, that’s for sure.)