Run! It’s the Po-po!

Ugh, I feel like I dropped 10 IQ points just TYPING that title. But there is a purpose to it all, I promise! The purpose being….
I got pulled over yesterday.

Now before you jump to conclusions, I’m not going to juvie, (sp?) and I was perfectly sober, despite the fact that it was a Saturday night. No shenanigans like that for me!
I was actually working.
So, as some of you may know, I have a “job” driving my good friend Jennika to and fro all the while delivering delightful bread! It’s not really “work”, per se, because all I do is drive around town chatting, but I digress.
Back to my CRIME!
So, we were cruising along merrily down Val Vista, when all of a sudden cop lights came on behind me.
Instantly, my heart began to pound as if we were being chased by a crazed lion, rather than simply a man on a motorcycle. I started freaking out, and as I pulled over, Jennika and I said a quick prayer. Fighting back tears and pulling out my license, I rolled down the window as the cop approached us.
“Good evening, ladies,” the cop said in an unusually cheerful voice.
“Hello, officer,” we said somewhat less cheerfully.
“Do you know why I pulled you over?” He asked.
“Um…. I’m not actually sure,” I said in a quavering voice. I had JUST BARELY checked my speed not ten seconds before his lights came on, and we were going exactly the speed limit, which is rare. (Not that I’m a speed demon.) I was pretty sure all the tags on this car were up to date, and I know I hadn’t been swerving around. What had I done?!
“Oh, well, your headlights weren’t on!” The officer chirped. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and flipped them on without difficulty. That was it? Way to make me almost pee myself, dude. But I was grateful that was the extent of the damage, and said another prayer of thanks as I passed over my license. I had ALMOST forgotten to bring my license, and I will forever be grateful I remembered. How awful would that be? Ugh!
He handed back my license, and as I looked at his face, I realized he was actually really attractive. What luck!

He looked into the car, and said incredulously, “WHAT is with all this BREAD?!”
We giggled and told him, and I almost gave him a loaf just for his kindness and surprising lack of scariness, but decided against it. I don’t know the laws regarding giving food to men of action, but I didn’t want to step on any toes, so I refrained, and got back on the road. As we drove away, Jennika and I both exhaled our breath that we’d been holding, and began laughing nervously. I cried a little from the nerves, but that was the only negative effect of that whole scenario!

I’m glad he was looking out for us, even though I may have ulcers now.


A purple pout?

So, a while ago I wrote about my deep and abiding love for all things orange lipstick, and during that period of time, I also became fascinated with another potential lip lover: purple. Yep, I went from wanting an orange oral cavity to a purple pout within days! I’ve decided I can never have too much lipstick, so I went about in search of a cheap, purple lipstick to satisfy my need. I went to the dollar store and found just the one! It was L.A. Colors in Frozen Berry.

 It was a nice, deep shade or purple, and I decided what the heck? For a dollar? I bought it and tried it on, and much to my dismay, it looked painfully like the year 2002. No way was I doing that! Still, the novelty of having purple lipstick hadn’t completely worn off, so I kept the tube.
I patiently waited for inspiration to hit, because usually when I get an idea for a makeup look, it turns out perfectly- which is weird, because my ideas involving clothes almost NEVER look as good as I picture them, but I digress.
This morning, though, inspiration hit with the force of a Mack truck. (or MAC- get it?! Hahahahaha) You see, I get emails from e.l.f. cosmetics, and this time they emailed me and forwarded a little blog post about popular fall trends. Naturally, I clicked on it, and lo and behold! Purple lipstick is IN! Hurray! So after some browsing, I had my look all set: I’d keep a relatively neutral face with only a little blush to add some color to my otherwise porcelain features, barely-there eye makeup (as in, a tiny bit of mascara with SUUUPER light brown liner), and purple lipstick as the main focal point for my look. I decided to stick with a messy sock bun to give the look a casual feel, and paired it with a light yellow button-down shirt and my go-to black lacey pencil skirt to finish it all off. So I went with it, and… I was VERY happy with the results!

It was a lovely, soft purple that really complimented my skin!
The only complaints I would have would be that since it’s a dollar store brand, I had to do several coats before it reached opacity, and even then it was spotty, so I would definitely put a light layer of lipliner on under the lipstick itself. In a little while, however, the lipstick “cured”, and it looked WAY less spotty. I LOVED it! I will most definitely be doing this look again.


Anatomically correct

Yesterday, my grandparents came to town, and stopped in for a visit. Naturally, we all convened in the living room to chat, and since there wasn’t much room on the couch, I made do and sat on Savannah instead. After a while, I asked her if her legs were asleep yet, and when she pointed out that one of her legs was still alive and well, I decided then and there to help her equalize the pain and sit on her other leg. So, as I adjusted myself, she starts whining, and said:
“Ugh, get off! You’re sitting on my… What’s the word? It starts with an s…. Oh, yeah! Get off my SCROTUM!!”
Geneal and I immediately began laughing uncontrollably.
“Savannah… You don’t have… a scrotum!” I gasped in between fits of giggles.
“Yes, I do! It’s in your skeleton! I read it on the skeleton poster in the Latin room at school!”
At this point, I decided I had to prove her wrong, and so in the interest of winning, I urged her into my room where I kept my handy dandy…

As I turned the pages, frantically trying to find a scrotum, Savannah squealed and yelled in disgust as she beheld anatomically correct males displaying their, um… Anatomy.
I finally found a model of the pelvic region, and found what I believe she was TRYING to say, that is, the sacrum.

I pointed it out to her, and she still refused to believe it. She insisted that she had a scrotum, so Geneal and I searched the index for suitable evidence that girls do not, in fact, have scrotums. At last, we found an image that revealed the truth!

…Needless to say, Savannah no longer believes she has a scrotum.

Anatomy for the win!!


(ps… Sorry if all those anatomical terms made you squirm, but that story was too funny not to share!)


Today in Young Women’s, we had a lesson on language, and keeping it appropriate and uplifting for those around us. I gotta say, this was one of those lessons that really hit me as something I REALLY need to work on. As the lesson went on, I did some thinking, and realized as far as being positive and uplifting go, I have quite a ways to go.
That fact right there makes me so sad.
As I’m sure you’ve deduced by now, I tend to be rather sarcastic, and up until recently, I was just fine being identified as “the sarcastic one”. Now, I do enjoy a little sarcasm here and there, but I’ve decided that that is NOT how I want to be defined. I do not want people to think of me as the sarcastic one, or the pessimistic one, or the perpetual wet blanket. I want to make others happy, and sarcasm isn’t the answer. Humor and sarcasm are two different things, and I would rather have the former trait. Being a humorous person is a good way to break the ice and make friends, and while sarcasm has a time and a place, it definitely does not need to be ALL THE TIME.
Something that has majorly impeded my attempts at losing my sarcasm has been texting. Often I’ll say something that I genuinely mean, and I don’t intend to sound abrasive or sarcastic in any way, but it is interpreted as such, and I believe it is simply because that’s how I naturally come across to my dearest friends. I hate that! I wish I didn’t give myself that reputation in 8th and 9th grade, because it has screwed my up.
In the lesson, we read L. Tom Perry’s talk, “Thy Speech Reveals Thee”, and the heading underneath the title reads, “The words you speak can classify and categorize you.” the heading alone struck me, as I have classified myself as being caustic and negative. I’m going to try to change that, in addition to being more uplifting and speak only positively about others. I am tired of the gossip game, and the only way to fix this mistake is me. It’s going to be one tough road, and even though I may slip sometimes, I hope to make this a lasting thing. I’m going to ask you guys for help on this thing, because I need positive reinforcement. So if you notice me being negative or offensive, don’t call me out on it flat, but give me a gentle nudge or stop the cycle by changing the subject. I will try to do the same.


The next time I feel ugly…

Today, both of my sisters had babysitting jobs with families I’ve sat for in the past. They both came home with sweet little sayings from the little girls in both families, and they were so sweet, I just had to share.. Plus, you know, the next time I need a little pick-me-up, I’ve got this little post!

Savannah came from her job this morning and said that she was showing the little girl she was watching some pictures on her iPod. She came to one in front of a temple, where she, Geneal, and two of our cousins were posing. I wasn’t with the picture, and apparently the little girl noticed, because she asked Savannah, “Where’s your sister with the pretty makeup?” :^)

Geneal came home from her job this evening, and while she was sitting, she asked her little girl questions about Savannah and I, because we’ve both sat for her. She remembered Savannah, and went on and on about how great and fun she was, but couldn’t seem to remember me. Then, she looked at Geneal and asked, “does your sister have red lips sometimes?” Geneal answered yes, and she said, “oh, I remember her! She’s so beautiful!” AWWWWW

So…. Yeah. My heart totally melted. I’m glad I look pretty to those two sweet girls. I think they’re pretty too. :^)

(in case y’all were curious, I just got home from a football game, and… WE WON!! 40-14 Heroes, and I am super proud of my boys! My voice is in shreds though… Oh well. Worth it!)


The Story Of How I Got Asked.

So…. I got asked to Homecoming today!!! It wasn’t anything super elaborate, but this was probably one of the sweetest ways I’ve ever been asked to a dance before.
Story? Duh.
So I’ve had this hunch about who was going to ask me to Homecoming, mainly because the other day I was complaining loudly to my sister about how three (count ’em. THREE) of my guy friends are NOT EVEN GOING to Homecoming, and how bummish it all was, when Geneal and my friend, Tyler said
“Well, I’ll be sixteen by then. I could take you!” I giggled flirtatiously and said alluringly,
“Oh my gosh, that would be so funny!” Then I winked at him six times. Just kidding. But really, I was really into the whole idea! Tyler is SUCH a sweet boy, and I know we would have so, so much fun together. So I began hoping and waiting.
Over the weekend I reasoned that he would probably ask me today (Tuesday), and I figured it would be something on my locker, so as we walked into school this morning, I felt a small twinge of disappointment at seeing a blank locker. So I opened it in the hopes that I might find something inside, but to no avail.
Maybe Tyler wasn’t actually asking me?
As I went about my day, I noticed Tyler didn’t really talk to me, which is weird, since he usually does. That was suspicious… But whatever.
Then things got really exciting!
In Drama, a guy came up and asked me if I was planning on going to Homecoming, or if I’d been asked. Truth be told, that weirded me out just a wee bit, as I’d already gone out with him, but I answered honestly.
“I haven’t been asked yet,” I said, “but I have a hunch about who might ask me…”
“Oh,” he said, “cool. Just wondering, cuz somebody asked me about it today, so I said I’d investigate.”
“Who asked you that?” I inquired.
“Your Ballroom partner last year… Tyler, I think it was.” By this time, I couldn’t stop grinning. I love being right! “Why? Who was your hunch about?”
“It was about Tyler,” I confessed. “Is he gonna ask me to Homecoming?!?!?!!?”
“I can’t tell you that!” he said, attempting to look nonchalant.
“I’m pretty much positive he’s asking me, so you may as well just spit it out now,” I said, cracking my knuckles menacingly. Just kidding.
“Okay, fine. He’s totally asking you,” He admitted. I then squealed and jumped up and down a few times, just for happy effect, and then made him swear not to tell Tyler that I knew. He swore, and then I went cheerily to Ballroom.
After school, I waited outside the multipurpose room in order to get some shade and maybe talk to some friends. Then, the unexpected happened. Someone was… Calling me on the phone?
“Haeley, where are you?” he asked.
“I’m near the multipurpose room….. Why…?”
“I’ve got someone who needs to ask you something!” We hung up, and I spotted him dragging along a mildly petrified-looking Tyler.
“Hey, Tyler!” I said sunshinily (definitely just made up that word), “That’s a pretty awesome shirt you got there.” It was true. He was holding a snazzy-looking Heritage Hero t-shirt, and for a second, I thought that was how he was going to ask me, via t-shirt. Rapidly, I began sifting through possible witty ways of asking someone out via t-shirt, but I came up blank.
“Yeah, it’s the new student council t-shirt!” he flipped it over to show me the back, which had the names of all the student council officers emblazoned on it. Pretty sweet.
We stood there awkwardly for a second until the other guy prodded Tyler and said “GO!”
Tyler then proceeded to turn white. Hoping to spare him some embarrassment, I made a few more awkward comments about the shirt, and finally he looked at me.
“Haeley, will you, uh, go to Homecoming… With me?” He croaked nervously, going paler by the second.
“TYLER! OF COURSE I WILL!!! YESS!!” I squealed merrily, grinning and clapping my hands. I wasn’t feigning surprise this time. I wasn’t expecting to be asked flat-out like that, but hey! I’ll take it! Tyler looked so relieved he stopped going pale, and instead turned quite red.
“Oh, good. I was SO NERVOUS.” He said, shuffling his feet and still blushing.
“Tyler!! I’m so excited!!” I said again. I’m really creative when it comes to talking to people. Obviously. Then we hugged, and he stumbled away. I ducked into the multipurpose room to let my friends know, and Geneal told me how nervous he’d been all weekend. I felt (and still feel) so flattered that he fussed so much over this, just for me! I’m SO EXCITED to be going to Homecoming with someone as sweet and genuine as him, and I’ve already got some fantastic ideas for pictures up my sleeve. ;^) Stay tuned!


The Look.

So, Homecoming is coming (HA! Clever), and the theme is 1940s. YOU DO NOT REALIZE HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME. YOU JUST DON’T. I LOVE the 40s, and the fact that we are having a DANCE centered around that particular THEME?!?! Oh my bliss. Anyway, you know that I am a planner, and being the planner I am, I’ve already got my whole ensemble figured OUT. Pictures? Naturally.
The dress:

The Makeup:

I will probably not do pink eyeshadow, but you get the gist.
The hair:

Probably a variation of either this or the look above.
And we can’t forget the accessories!

A fascinator. This is going to happen.
Classic pearl necklace, no?
The shoes:
These are my stand-by, never-fail heels. They’ll be perfect!
So… Yeah! Now to get a date……

The temple

I feel like I haven’t chatted with you lovelies in quite a while! I’ve had some funny things happen recently that I really need to blog about, but for now I wanna talk about other things.
‘Tis the season of love and marriage, it seems! So many of my friends, family members, and ward members are either recently engaged, recently married, celebrating an anniversary, or just feeling lucky in love it seems. One of my friends, Chloe, got engaged last night, and lemme tell ya- I am THRILLED TO DEATH! I’ve been waiting for this news for quite a while now. :^)
Thinking of her upcoming marriage, in addition to my dear cousin, Desiree’s wedding in two months, makes me feel rather happy about life. If I’m being honest, almost nothing in this world makes me happier than people in love. I think it’s one of the greatest things in life, and seeing two people head-over-heels in love makes me giddy as well!

Tonight, my family and I went to the temple to walk around, and when everyone else went into the Visitor’s Center, I stayed outside to walk around. I saw so many young couples walking the grounds, dreamily staring into one another’s eyes, holding hands, makin’ plans, and generally enjoying time with their love. I couldn’t help but get a little starry-eyed myself, so I sat down on a bench in the cactus garden to think. (fun fact: the bench in question is known among my family as the bench where my parents realized they were gonna get hitched!)

I started thinking of my beautiful friend Chloe, and how supremely happy I am that she found her soulmate. Then I let my thoughts wander a little bit more to my cousin Desiree’s wedding, and then I began thinking of all the friends I have that are getting married soon. How wonderful it all was, especially the knowledge that most, if not all of my friends are getting married in the temple. Isn’t that a wonderful thought?
I’ve been to a few civil ceremonies, and underneath the initial happiness I feel for the couple, I can’t help but feel sad whenever I hear the words “until death do you part.” To me, that is one of the worst sentences I could ever hear in reference to me. I don’t want to be separated at death. I want to be with my wonderful husband forever. For all eternity. I refuse to settle for anything less, and I want to always be worthy of that wonderful blessing.
I am so, so excited to kneel across the altar, look up and see my soon-to-be husband, and hear the words the sealer will say that will bind us for time and all eternity. I’m excited to hold my new husband as we look into the mirrors in the sealing room, seeing our reflection go on forever and ever. I’m excited to embrace my family and feel their joy on that blessed day, and I am excited to hold mine and my husband’s first baby, a few years down the road. I’m excited to be able to hold him or her and know without a shadow of a doubt that that precious baby will be mine forever, that we will be an eternal family, and nothing, not even death, can change that.

In this world today, I’ve noticed how casual the issue of premarital sex has become. I’ve read several articles stating that it’s more important to teach the youth of today how to enjoy themselves sexually, rather than wait for the right time, the right person, and the right purpose to exercise that sacred part of us. To the world today, virginity is no longer important; in fact, it is seen as something to be ashamed of. Everyone, it seems, teaches us that virginity is a silly, old fashioned term that has become obsolete, and losing it sooner rather than later is a smart choice. “As long as you are enjoying yourself”, they say, “it’s alright! Embrace your sexuality! Give up a piece of you that is special and sacred! Disregard the rules as a thing of the past.” I hate reading this. I wish being virtuous was something that every girl strove for. I wish remaining morally clean and pure was every little girl’s dream.

But the truth is, it’s not anymore. It’s more popular to sleep around, and as long as you remember to bring your morning-after pill, it’s perfectly fine to do whatever you desire.
I don’t think anyone realizes the cost this has. Emotional baggage, for one thing, is high on the list. Next comes diseases and unplanned pregnancies. When you take all this into account, premarital sex doesn’t seem appealing at all. At least to me. I’d rather wait.
In The Family: A Proclamation To The World, it states that “children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony.” This is perhaps one of my favorite lines in the proclamation. It reminds me to keep my standards high so that my precious, beautiful children will be able to be born into a stable, eternal family. Doesn’t every prospective mother want only the best for her child? I think that having children after marriage is one of the best things you can think to do.

I want to be able to look my daughter in the eye and say with complete confidence: “I waited for your father. We waited until after we were sealed for time and all eternity, and only then did you come into this world. I want nothing more than for you to do the same. I cannot adequately tell you the joy and peace it has brought to me!”
That sounds like the ultimate happily-ever-after. 
I love the temple. I really, truly do, and even though I know I don’t go inside as often as I’d like, (I’m working on fixing that) I know that someday I will be in the sealing room, and I know that someday I will be sealed to a choice young man. All that’s left for me to do is to keep progressing, keep a current temple recommend, and keep my standards high. The Lord will eventually lead me to a righteous companion, and soon enough I’ll be just like my dear Chloe and Desiree: worthy and ready to be married! I’m so grateful for the examples in my life, and I pray that I’ll continue to look up to them.