Those days.

You know those days where you look at yourself and think, wow, I could be a model?

You know those days where you slowly realize that in the real world, you don’t have a snowball’s chance in Phoenix of becoming a model, because you are not even five feet tall?

You know those days where you realize you are never going to grow taller?

You know those days where you start to feel crummy about yourself because by society’s standards, you are not considered beautiful?

You know those days where you realize that even if you lost a ton of weight, you’d still never reach the sky-high requirements necessary to be considered beautiful by the media today?

You know those days where you decide that even though the majority of the world thinks otherwise, you are still a beautiful person inside and out?

You know those days where you know for a fact that you are loved and have a wonderful life, despite not being perfect?

You know those days where you find out that somewhere there is a boy in the world right now who will love you even though you are flawed?

You know those days when you realize you don’t need to be a model to be beautiful?

Those days are both wonderful and humbling.


Happy National Left-Handed Day!!!!

Being a lefty is tough work, lemme tell ya, but when you get right down to it, it’s pretty awesome. Sure, we’ve put up with relentless judging and abuse for centuries, and yes, we’ve been associated with evil for countless decades, and, okay fine, we die 9 years earlier than right-handed people, BUT, we’re still awesome. I mean, we’re a major minority in the world: only about 12% of people residing on planet Earth are left-handed. Isn’t that amazing? I love knowing stuff like that! Also, people who are left-handed are the only people in their right minds… ;^)
Here’s some link love for y’all. Get educated!


Today in Sunday school, my teacher Brother Deller talked about the importance of keeping a journal. It’s not only a good outlet for your crazy thoughts and feelings, but it is a wonderful way to record your life for future generations to see. He read a few entries from his mission journal, and then we talked about how he wouldn’t remember nearly any of the things in his mission were it not for his journal.
We then discussed how the Book of Mormon is really just an ancient journal. It’s the records of a people long forgotten, and this is our way of knowing what happened to them. They are crying from the dust, as the book says, and that is so amazing to me.
Another thing we brought up is the fact that many, many people may have the opportunity to read your journals. At first I thought it was silly, but then I remembered Anne Frank. She faithfully kept a journal, and now today, millions of people worldwide have read her story and have a better feel for how it was back then. It really is remarkable to think about, isn’t it? I’m sure Anne never once thought about publishing her private thoughts and feelings, but I think the world is much better off knowing what was in her heart.

I love reading personal records. They are (usually) much more interesting than reading a fictional story, because you know these stories are REAL. They show just how indomitable the human spirit truly is. That’s remarkable, no?
I just finished reading The Vow. First of all, that book is so, so inspiring. I could never imagine going through a trial that difficult, and I never would have known about it had the Carpenter family not decided to write about it. They recorded it, and now generations of people can be inspired by their story of love and faith. You really should read it.

Writing is such a healing thing, when you think about it. I’ve often not been able to sleep until I write down what’s in my head- be it a blog post, a song, or a story I came up with for my own amusement. Writing is powerful. Writing is powerful because YOU and YOU ONLY are in control of what is said next. Wow! Who’d have thought? Keep a journal. Remember important things in your life. The way I’ve chosen to do that is through blogging. I probably wouldn’t have written down much of anything that’s happened over the past five years (I’ve had this blog HOW long??!) had I not had this lovely outlet. I like blogging more than traditional journaling because it’s interactive! I love writing to my own little audience, and I feel it challenges me to be a more entertaining writer. So that is my story for today. I think I will write a separate post about school, so this post doesn’t get awkwardly long. I’ve been known to do that, you know. (Shocking? Absolutely.)


A Twiggy-inspired look

So, I have discovered that I love Twiggy. You know her, right? She was a British model who was crazy-popular in the 1960s, and she was the model who began the whole bone-thin craze that has continued to this day! You might think that would be grounds to hate her, but I just adore her! I like the clothes she models, I like her hair, and most of all, I LOVE her makeup. It makes her eyes look huge and gorgeous, and I just… Yeah.

Yep. Okay, she’s adorable. Anyway, today I modeled my look after her, including a cute shift dress and trademark hair- ratted up and straightened. I loved it! Unfortunately, it smudged too much for anyone at church to notice, but my family did, and to my great relief, they loved it! I always get nervous when trying a bolder look, but nine times out of ten it looks just fine! It took a LOT of concentration, and I still haven’t perfected it, but as soon as I do, I think it’d be fun to make a tutorial! For now here are some pics:

I was pleasantly surprised at how it made my brown eyes stand out!

So… Yeah! This is a look I’ll definitely be trying again. :^) And yes… I know I’m doing nothing but pouting in these, but I was going for the Twiggy look. A model-esque pout! I think next time I try it, I”ll make it look less smoky though. I guess this was a little more modernized, but I’d like it to be more like the original.