So…. I moved this weekend!! Gah! Stress. Ful. As. Heck. BUT I have my own room now! And that in and of itself is totally worth it. I love it, I love it, I love it! here are some pictures to entertain you with:

coming into my room

My mismatched bedspread. Waiting on a new one that actually MATCHES.

My guitar’s new corner

My bee-utee-ful window

Cruddy little hamper in a lonely corner

My cute dresser- anyone recognize where it’s from??

Closer look of the dresser

Messy top- this has since been organized.

Very messy…

My very own closet!!


I decided to make the top portion of the closet be my book shelf, so that eliminates the necessity of  a new one.

Shoe rack, baby!

I have a private attic!! :^O

My air freshener to make it smell less like paint and more like French vanilla. :^)

Little brother! He’s not part of the room, he’s just cute.

So amid all the hubbub that is moving, I’ve been patiently (and obsessively) working on my room. This is my chance to get the perfect dream room that all princesses have, and I will not stop until it is perfect. I am IN LOVE with it already, I can’t wait until it’s completely finished! I put in the vent and the light switch plates, so it no longer has an “under construction” feeling. Now I just need to fill my wall with pictures, get a CUTE bedspread, and voila! Signed, sealed, and DONE! I am so jazzed.
I’ve also become a cleaning Nazi in here, meaning that I obsessively clean everything. If there is so much as a hair elastic on the floor, I pick it up and either put it away, or chuck it. I want this room pristine! And the only way it will stay like that is if I constantly work towards that goal. These past two days, it’s worked like a charm! I think I’ll put together a reward system for a certain amount of days I’ve kept the room clean. I’m thinking iTunes…
Also. I am really weirded out by this whole “I don’t share a room anymore” business. I’m so used to being with Geneal (sharing a room for 14 years’ll do that to ya), that now when I get into bed I just think, “now what?” I don’t have anyone to talk to! It’s so quiet…
But I’m fine with that.
To get the full effect of my glorious room, however, you’d have to see it in person.
Come see me!!
I’m also having difficulty adjusting to stairs. Ugh.


Dang, Fetch, Oh My Heck.

I did not have a happy day today.
It started out in the morning, because I was stressing about making my Winter Formal invitation video, so I busied myself getting together my costume, and just generally freaked out. This had to be perfect, well executed, and Mr. Bowers had to agree to play it in his class, because I figured that would be best.
I got to school and shoved all the stuff in my locker, and anxiously awaited after school, where we would film the video.
Lunch time rolled around, and as I fought nervous butterflies, I witnessed the unthinkable happen.
A young woman (for the sake of the story, we’ll call her McKenzie E. No, no- M Ellsworth) walked right up to the guy I was going to ask THIS VERY WEEK and said “Hey, Andrew, will you go to Winter Formal with me? PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE???”
**Hold up for a second. Yes. I was going to ask Andrew to Winter Formal, and I was super excited, because I had a genius way of asking him.  GENIUS. GENIUS. And don’t go on a guilt trip on me, okay? Don’t tell me it’s my fault because I waited. I KNOW THAT, OKAY? And I feel terrible about it. Don’t rub it in. I realize my mistake, and I have learned from it. So shut up.
I also know that some of you thought I was asking Draven- gotcha! I’m a good actress, aren’t I? And I never said anything. You just assumed. Joke’s on you! :^D Back to my misery. **
I can’t believe it. I was asking him TODAY, PRACTICALLY. I’m so sad. Especially since I’ve stressed over this for at least three weeks, come up with a script, etc., and she just randomly jumped up and asked him! :^(
 Andrew, if you happen to read this (I don’t know if you ever will,) just know that I’m not holding anything against McKenzie. I’m sure you will have a wonderful time, I just wish I had asked you sooner. Bummer.
So yeah. That’s all. I’m sad.


The Political Post You Were Waiting For.

Alright. Here is a little precursor for what you are about to read:
In this blog, I write about MY beliefs and MY opinions, and nobody else’s. If you are offended in any way, I cannot apologize for what I’ve said, because they are my true feelings, and I will not take them back. This is MY blog, and this is one of the only places where I can express my feelings and opinions without having to endure someone talking them down. Now that it has been said, I will continue.

Last night, my world got significantly less bright. Obama won again, and chaos ensued- at least on the internet. People insulted, people cried out in despair, and people mourned the loss of some freedoms. After the first wave, more people decided it was their place to speak out against those bemoaning our country, berating us for being upset, and telling us to “get over it”, “chill out”, and “stop freaking out”. What I have to say to that is this:
What on earth makes you think we will calm down? Yeah, it’s done, and yeah, we can’t change it, but honestly? You have no right to tell us we are being irrational, and so help me, your telling me to calm down is not making me calmer. If anything, it is inflaming me more, and making me even more determined to fight against this. Why would I take this sitting down? Do you KNOW what that man (if you can call him that) has done to us? Have you been asleep for four years? Have you not heard what happened in this country? Have you not noticed our fall? WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS OKAY? WHY DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD ACCEPT THIS? When the Founding Fathers were under a terrible governing power, did they “chill out” and sit back to let it happen?
NO! Why should we? If we have the opportunity to change something, why would we sit back and “get over it”?? Why haven’t we tried to change anything yet? America? Are you there still?
A lot of these posts were from former Heritage students, and I am sorry to say that I am rather ashamed. After all we’ve been taught about standing up for our beliefs and taking a stand, they are telling us to stop worrying, blah, blah, blah. I am SICK of sitting down watching our country go to pot. I will NOT calm down, so don’t you DARE tell me to back off, because I WON’T.
This is MY country, land of my birth. She was born as the greatest country, and I plan to keep it that way.
So STOP telling me to chill out. I will not. STOP telling me that it’s not a big deal. IT IS.


My dearest, darlingest Julia:

Today, Sarah gets to visit you, and I am considering her an extremely lucky butt- lucky because she gets to see you, and a butt because she didn’t bother to buy a suitcase big enough to fit me. Oh well. The awesome thing is I get to see you in person in just a few weeks! EEK. SO JAZZED.
But I still miss you. Like crazy. And I want an excuse to jet up to Utah so bad right now!
I wish you were here still, because I miss hanging out with everyone- without you, we can’t have an everyone. So that kinda sucks. And I wish you, McKenzie, and I were in another play together, because those were some fun times, chica.
I’m counting down the days until Thanksgiving weekend!! In the meantime, here is a picture of a sad face:

Yes, I’m in my pj’s and no makeup. Don’t judge. Doesn’t my lip look HUGE? Wow.

Something gross that I decided to blog about. Because I am gross.

Happy November, fellow readers! You know what that means….
November is known as No-shave November, to spread awareness of men’s health in general, and under normal circumstances, men don’t shave for the whole month of November, and sometimes women join in too!
I bet you know where this is going, don’t you?
Yes, you guessed it. I, Haeley Whetten, am not going to shave my lovely little legs for the month of November. 30. Days. Of. Hairy. Monstrosity. BWAHAHAHA.
I’m a little anxious to see what happens, and I’m REALLY grateful I have a maxi dress to hide the horrible hairs, because I’m a brunette- meaning the hair shows really well against my pale skin.
You’d think I was the only girl weird enough to do something like that, but oh, no! Sarah is accompanying me on my hairy journey! It should be pretty funny to compare hairy-ness and tips on how to hide it, lol.
Don’t worry- I’ll take pictures.
Sufficiently grossed out yet??