I don’t know if this will reach any of you in time, but I feel like I have to put it out there.

A girl in my school, Jennifer Moore, has an older brother who ran away earlier this morning, and is suspected of self-harm and a suicide attempt. He’s been missing since this morning, and the family is frantic to find him. 12 News is doing a segment on him tonight at 10, and you can find news about him here.
I don’t know him, heck, I don’t even know his sister very well at all, but this is an emergency, and I want to help however I can. Please, please keep him in your prayers- nobody deserves to go through this. Nobody deserves this pain. Please try to help in any way you can. Prayer works. I know it, and I believe we can help. 
I know how I’ll be spending the evening. Please take a moment and pray for him. Stay updated. I’m honestly trying not to burst into hysterical tears right now, because this is not fair to him nor his family. Zach, I know you don’t know who I am, I don’t know you, and you can’t even read this, but I want you to know I care about you, and want you home safe. You are so young! Don’t take your life. Don’t let it end like this. You have friends, siblings, parents, and a girlfriend who love you dearly and would be so hurt if you died. Come back. You are loved.

Cast results

In case any of you didn’t know, I am happy to announce that I MADE IT INTO MACBETH!!!!!!!!! I didn’t get either of the roles that I was discussing in the previous post, but I have the privilege to play Lady Macduff! I am SSOOO jazzed, you guys. Thank you all for encouraging me, and having faith in my abilities as an actress. thank you for believing in me, even when I didn’t.
I am so thrilled!! I’ve missed being in a play- I love the atmosphere, it’s truly where I think I belong. I’m excited to be in rehearsals again, and I’m excited to memorize lines. I’m excited to be the first play in our new home, and I am so, so, so, SOOOOO excited to HAVE FANTASTIC COSTUMES. I love wearing amazing dresses, and I’m sure these costumes will be no different.
Have I mentioned my excitement?? Eep!
My first rehearsal is Nov. 12th, and I cannot wait!

Performances will be Jan. 20th- Feb. 1st.
So, so happy! Get ready for more performance-related posts!!


Let the (agonizing) wait begin!

As I’m sure you’ve heard, I auditioned for AYT’s Macbeth yesterday, and now all that’s left to do is the waiting process. If you’ve ever been with me while I’m waiting for the results of a play, you will know that I become neurotic. If you haven’t been with me, take my word for it- I. Go. Insane. The reason I haven’t posted about this recently, is because I don’t want to “jinx” myself, in an essence. I’ve done that before, and I hate reading those posts over again.
 So, to spare you the drama, I’ve tried to hold it in, but now I can’t! I’m desperate for relief! Plus, I’m 99% sure I got in (because Andrea said we pretty much all were in, when we went to callbacks), and now it’s a matter of who I am in the cast. I really really really really really really really really really really REALLY want to be Lady Macbeth, because I think it would be a big challenge to play her, and I think I’m ready for that. Plus, she is one of the more serious characters, and I would like to explore the serious side of acting, rather than being a bubble-brain, which I’ve played on various occasions. I want to show everyone my acting diversity, and I want to show myself as well. I want to push myself, and live up to my motto, “Make it a Zoni-worthy performance”, because I’ve been nominated for one, but this time I would like to WIN one. How neat would that be? To WIN a ZONI??!! Wow. I think I could do it, I really do. If I just give my all to this performance, than there’s nothing stopping me from getting an award, right?
However, there is a big chance that I won’t get to be Lady Macbeth, and I’m trying to let myself down gently, because I need to be realistic. I’m not the most talented actress in AYT, and I’m certainly not the longest-running in AYT. My best bet in reality is probably one of the three witches, which would still be loads of fun, because I’d get to be insane, and I’ve never been insane either, so I guess either way I can’t lose.
But I still would love to be Lady Macbeth.
I’ll let you know later tonight!


Our poor dog.

Lately, I’ve noticed we call our dog Chiquita a lot of different names that vary in terms of weirdness. She’s usually just called Chickie, but I’ve heard names such as:

  • Chicken
  • Rooster (???)
  • Dustmop
  • Fuzzy
  • Fuzzy Head
  • Dang Dog
  • Stupid
  • Baby Girl
  • Girly-Girl
  • Chickster
  • Cheeky
  • Tick
  • Chi-kweeee-ta
  • Stinky
  • Chickie Pie
  • Dakota
  • You Crappy Dog
  • RARRRGHGRRHRP (That’s Dad when he’s angry)
I’m sure we’ll end up calling her a lot more names than that, but for now this will suffice. We. Are Weird.

The First Session.

Well, the first day is complete! I can’t believe all that has happened in just a few short hours, and all the new thoughts and impressions that have been given to me. I first wanted to express my sincere gratitude to our dear prophets for making the wonderful decision to build a new temple right here in my beloved home state. Hearing that news has made me so joyful, and I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for knowing the needs of the people of AZ. Plus, a fun little fact for you… Since there will be 6 temples in AZ, each of my siblings could get married in a different one! Neat, yes?

I also wanted to address the reduced age limit for missionaries. First off, I am so, so grateful that the age has been reduced to 18 for boys. I think this will help them so much in getting out in the field. I know of some young men who, after graduation, have lost their motivation to serve a mission and have abandoned the idea. This will help erase that in our young men, I hope. Also, the decision to lower the age of young women serving missions has changed MY life monumentally.
In the past, I have thought that serving a mission would be nice, but not for me. I want to get a head start on my education, and prepare for a family, and having a mission in my twenties has seemed… diruptive, if you will. Please don’t think less of me for having that thought, because I want to have a successful education and career, and I know that Heavenly Father would not judge or think less of me for focusing on that specific aspect of my life.
That being said, with this age change, it has brought a new light into consideration. Serving so young would hardly disrupt my education, would it? I would still have a chance to get  a good education, and I won’t feel “disrupted” by leaving in the middle of college. I’ve begun serious contemplation regarding serving a mission now. I could be a force for good in this world that is so full of sin and sadness, and I could be an aid and a servant to my Lord in bringing back His children.
I still do not know if I will end up serving a mission, because I want to put in a good amount of research, fasting, and prayer into this before making this decision- because it is a decision not to be taken lightly. I am planning on fasting for an answer in addition to talking with sister missionaries, both returned and currently serving. I know that the Lord will answer me and steer me in the right path as long as I seek His answer in earnest and fervent prayer. This is such a life-changing thing, I still need to get used to the idea.

I was particularly touched by Elder Shayne M. Bowen’s talk. Recently, I found out that earlier this week, my cousin Jill gave birth to a boy when she was only 24 weeks along. Born October 1st at just 1 pound, 10 ounces. After three days of struggling, he returned to his Heavenly Father on October 3rd. This was a really hard blow for me, because babies are so precious to me. Life is such a fragile thing, and it broke my heart to hear such a sad thing. Because of this, I’ve been having a hard time staying upbeat and cheerful, because my heart feels so heavy with the loss of this precious little boy. I’ve been praying for their little family and struggling with my own emotions, and this talk has helped put things into perspective. While the pain will never fully go away, we can be reassured that little Sampson will be with his family forever through Christ’s atonement. They are sealed together for time and all eternity, and the time they have missed with him will seem but a small moment compared to the eternity that lies ahead of them. I’m still hurting over this loss, but I know that if I put my trust in Christ, I will feel better and not have to dwell on this loss forever. Throughout his talk, I couldn’t stop crying because so many prayers had been answered. This family is not broken. We are together forever, and nothing can shake that, not even death. I am so grateful for this church, and this knowledge. It’s what keeps me going when I feel so hopeless.

I am so eternally grateful for these messages. We truly have living prophets who love us and are looking out for us. Take a minute today and thank your Heavenly Father for all he’s given you.