Days where I’m just dumb.

On Friday, I was left with Dallin to babysit while my family did something or other. Lunch time rolled around, and my mom had left us some macaroni and cheese to make for lunch. Now, as I’m sure you know, I am the Mac-and-Cheese goddess, so I had this down. I cooked the noodles with expert skill, and before you knew it, it was time to add the sauce. Now, if you’ve ever mixed in plain yogurt with your macaroni, you’ll notice how it has a lightly tangy taste- which is right up my alley. So I looked in the fridge, and brought out the yogurt. We had run out of milk, so we had almond milk instead. I poured in the milk, and had just plopped a heaping spoonful of yogurt into the noodles, when the thought popped into my head,
“You’d better make sure that almond milk isn’t the sweetened carton!” Since we had both plain and sweetened, I freaked out a little and double-checked to make sure the milk was plain- it was. I relaxed a little, and then another thought popped into my head.
“You’d better make sure that yogurt was unsweetened, too, because I’m starting to smell va- oh, no. Sweetie, did you REALLY just mix VANILLA YOGURT INTO YOUR MACARONI AND CHEESE? You did, didn’t you. Look at the label, there’s a good girl. OH, great. Haeley, what the heck were you thinking?! You do not put vanilla yogurt into macaroni! Ew. That is gross. Better feed it to Dallin anyway, he won’t notice the difference, right? ….Right?”
I certainly noticed the difference. I tried to eat it, but since I knew what I’d done, my stomach stubbornly refused to accept it as a form of nutrition, and had to throw mine away. I called my mom after I stopped laughing at myself, and then put it into some Tupperware in case an unsuspecting soul decided to try it.
Nobody ate it after all, and I don’t blame them.

*side note: this is an old post I never published, so the date is off. This was back in May.*


Sometimes, you just get in one of those “moods”. You know what I’m talking about: cooking moods, where you want to cook constantly, and learn everything you can about cooking. Or sometimes you get in a “girly” mood- not PMS. I mean girly, like you are obsessed with everything girly, and just can’t get enough of lipgloss, purses, shoes, etc. And sometimes you go crazy for weddings.
That would be me right now.
My friend Maelani got married on the 19th, my friend Jackie on the 22nd, and my cousin Kevin on the 29th. Oh, and a family friend’s daughter is getting married, too. There just seem to be so many weddings right now!
With so many weddings going on right now, I can’t help but become obsessed with weddings! I just want to go to all these receptions, and immerse myself in wedding dresses, cute decorations, cakes, and loving looks shared between the freshly minted bride and groom.
I guess I’ve just been thinking about marriage in general, actually. I’ve just noticed how in love other couples around me seem to be lately, I guess. My bishop commenting about how cute his wife is, my YW adviser holding her husband’s hand, my dad dipping my mom back into a kiss in the woods, the list goes on. It’s times like that, seeing so many different couples happily in different stages of their marriage where I just can’t wait to get married. Seriously, I am practically counting down to my eighteenth birthday, just so I can be old enough to marry. Even though I know I won’t get engaged for a long time, it’s still fun to think about how close I am to being old enough. I’ve planned my wedding several times over, and I’ve made decisions on how I would like to be as a wife. Now, I just need it to actually happen.
I hate waiting!
I’ve also considered my future husband, too. I mean, that’s kind of the most important thing, right? Actually having a husband?
I worry that he will be a total gamer, and that he would rather enjoy virtual reality in comparison to me. I couldn’t handle having a husband who didn’t care enough about our marriage to make an effort to be with me. Plus, with my temper, I would probably do something drastic like burn his gaming console, and what would that do to us?
And what if he has a temper, or is extremely crude? And, while I am REALLY attracted to shy guys, what if he is so shy he doesn’t feel comfortable being affectionate?
My biggest fear, however, is pornography. It’s so destructive, and so completely addicting, I don’t know how I would be able to go on. I already have low self-esteem, so knowing that my husband was more attracted to phony, vulgar images than his own spouse would kill me.
As you can see, I worry about him a lot. Because, weird as this sounds, I already feel like I love him- and I haven’t even met him! He is going to be the biggest part of my life, and I want nothing to get in the way of our eternal relationship together.
I also worry about ME as a wife. I suppose it’s a good thing I’m still too young, because I don’t know how to be in a relationship, really. I don’t know how to comfort someone who’s had a bad day at work, I don’t know how to kiss, and I certainly don’t know how to cook a good meal that will make him fall in love with me all over again. But I think I could handle being affectionate. I’m a sucker for being held, and cuddling seems like the best thing in the world. And kissing? I am just DYING to try my hand- er, lips, at it. I’m also a good writer, so I could definitely write him cute little notes that would make him go all gooey inside.
I also worry about being TOO affectionate, but I really don’t see how that could be possible. I mean, we’d be married for heaven’s sake! Holding hands in public is completely acceptable. I would know my limits- no making out in a restaurant. That’s a given. But making out in general is okay, in my opinion- we’d be married, remember?
Gosh I just want to meet that hunk of a man already. He’s going to be a total knockout, I can tell. The weirdest idea is that I might actually KNOW him. He could be the boy at Jamba Juice who works shifts on Saturday evenings (yes, there really is a cute guy who works there Saturday evenings. Not that I’ve noticed), or a lifeguard at the local pool, or maybe even my neighbor- which is the weirdest (and most unlikely) thought of all.
What are your thoughts? Do you obsess over marriage like I do? I haven’t even said the half of it yet!


Summer so far

It’s been boring, folks. I’m ready for the fun stuff to start- and that means I NEED OUT OF THIS HOUSE. Whether it’s getting a job, hanging out with my friends, or something, I need out. Like, now.
The puppy is cute and all, but she needs to shut up.
My brothers are cute and all, but they need to shut up.
Basically, everyone needs to shut up. This is getting old.
So, I decided since I have nothing better to do, I will unzip the ‘ol makeup bag and give myself makeovers…. 100, to be exact. There’s got to be 100 different looks I can create with what I have, right? I think yes. So I shall be posting pictures, and keeping tabs on how many looks I’ve successfully created. It should be something entertaining, since I can’t do what I REALLY want to… Make covers.
Not seat covers.
Music covers. I can’t play any instruments, so that puts a damper on production. But, I am working on teaching myself guitar. So far, I can do three chords successfully! Yay me! More on that later. I just wanted to let my faithful few followers know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I still love you. Ta ta!


New puppy!

On Thursday, I had a party, because I had nothing else to do, my family was all in Mexico, and who doesn’t like parties?! I invited the usual suspects, and my friend Parker, brought along a little surprise-
a puppy! His dog recently had puppies, and when he mentioned it, I said I wanted one. Well, he took that into account and brought her along for the fun! We got to know her, and she got to know us- then Parker threw in this little bonus: we could keep her over the weekend! After a little coaxing, my dad said yes (just to drive your mom crazy, he said), and we spent the weekend with the puppy! Since she had no name yet, I began calling her Soda in honor of Lincoln, because he wanted a pet named Soda. I thought it fit perfectly, but apparently not, because after my dad caved in and told my mom about the puppy, she decided she didn’t like that name. Which sucks, because honestly, I thought it was genius. A bubble name for a bubble puppy, right?
So, when the family came home, they naturally attacked her with attention and love, and I knew we were keeping her at that point.
I went out with Sarah to wash her car/ go to Sonic, and when I came home, my suspicions were confirmed! Dog stuff was all over the living room, and my plan had succeeded!
I wanted a puppy, and we got a puppy!

her name is Chiquita, which is Spanish for “little girl”, and English for “stupid dog name”.
I cannot BEGIN to describe my fervent hatred for that name. Chiquita? REALLY?? When my siblings say it, it sounds like Shakira- not. Cool. And Chiquita is the name of a BANANA COMPANY. How stupid can it get? I’m so tired of Spanish names! Everything has to involve Spanish in some way, it seems. I mean, yeah, it’s my heritage and all that crap, but COME ON. ENOUGH OF THIS MADNESS.
Shutting up about that. Moving on.
She’s cute!


THE CONCERT (includes a huge, major picture overload.)

So… The concert WAS FREAKING AMAZING OH MY GOODNESS. I got some pretty awesome swag from one of the opening acts, Windsor Drive– they are awesome. The guitar player was definitely my favorite, because he was hilarious! Then we jammed out to South Jordan, a band full to the brim of delightfully attractive males, especially the drummer and lead singer. After that, we listened to Deas Vail, and the lead singer had such a sweet, delicate voice, I was sad the crowd was so loud. Plus, I spent most of their performance being bumped into by a group of stupid girls who thought it would be funny to repeatedly slam into me. Um, not. And another girl who wormed her way in between Julia and I- THAT bothered me to no end. Excuse me? Julia and I got in line early for these spots! Snooze you lose, sister! Next time you want good seats, arrive early. Don’t separate me and MY BEST FRIEND. I didn’t come with her to be separated from her. Ugh. Eventually, I got her to trade spots with me, and Julia and I were together for the last act, HE IS WE!!!!!! Unfortunately, due to an illness, Rachel, the lead singer, couldn’t come, so another girl, Stevie, took her place. She was a total sweetie and was super enthusiastic the whole night, but it still wasn’t the same. I still liked her, though. After all the good fun music-ness, we got to meet everyone and had them sign our shirts! Ahh!!
Sigh… I wish I could go into more detail, but that night is smushed up in my brain, so if you ask me about it in person, I’ll give you the long-winded version. Here’s some pictures!

The first band, Windsor Drive.

The guitarist (aka my favorite)

I. Love. Him.

South Jordan setting up

The cute drummer. I could hit on him all day long.

The lead singer, who is pretty much the epitome of hotness.

Deas Vail

He Is We’s setup. Cute, right?!

TREVOR KELLY I LOOVE YOUUU. Also featuring my spazzed out, I-just-met-my-idol face, and the adorable Stevie.

 SOO FUN. Looking forward to the next concert!