The Journey.

Over a year and a half ago, I made a decision, and set up a goal. I’d tried this before, and I wanted to do it again, just to see how far I could go.
It was in 2010 that I gave up sugar for good.
This hasn’t been an easy choice- you all know that I still have days where it’s all I can do to keep from trying just one little bite of cake, ice cream, or anything else, really. Holidays are hard, and social gatherings are even harder. I don’t think people realize how big a part food plays in our daily interactions with each other until they find themselves under a restriction.
Now, I realize that this is a restriction that I have given myself; it’s a personal choice and I don’t have anyone but myself to answer to in regards of this. But, you see, not eating sugar has become part of the fabric that makes me who I am. I am a girl who has had struggles with her weight ever since elementary school. I am a girl who chooses not to eat sugar. I am a girl who is strong in her decisions.
Another reason I am driven to continue this goal, is I feel like somehow it helps other people with their own goals. When I tell people that I don’t eat sugar, they are usually taken aback, and after they are finished telling me how crazy I am, they usually tell me how they could never do something like that, and that they appreciate my strength. Hearing that they can’t do it makes me sad, because they have such little faith in themselves that they think they can’t do something as simple as omitting something from their diet. I was addicted to sugar, too, and I know you can give it up. I’ve read what it can do to you, and that alone has helped me be strong in several different situations.
Pretty much the biggest reason I gave it up, however, was weight. I knew I was overweight, and that hurt my self-confidence like you wouldn’t believe. I felt there was no way I could ever be as pretty as the other, skinnier girls. So I began this journey, keeping the image of a slimmer, healthier, prettier me in mind at all times. It took time, and patience, but I think I’ve seen some pretty good results from this. See for yourself:

I got this skirt when I was thirteen, and it was a little bit snug. 

Now, 3 yrs later, it’s nice to see how one simple decision affected me.

This utterly blew me away, finding out just how much I’d lost. I feel better, I look better, and I AM better. I still have a ways to go, but isn’t that great? I just wanted to share that with you today. If you’re reading this, thanks for supporting me and not pressuring me to abandon my goals for “one little piece” of anything. YOU helped me achieve this, and I couldn’t have done any of it without your encouragement. I love you all.



So, I have a few firm beliefs in life, which consist of:

  • You mustn’t be grossed out when you find out somebody weird likes you, and
  • You must be a complete charmer to everyone you meet- and be particularly charming around members of the opposite sex. 
Unfortunately, these two things can clash. For instance, 
  1. You wind up being so charming to a specific member of the opposite sex, that
  2. You are pretty much positive they like you, and
  3. They are supremely weird. 
Yup… I think it happened. I think somebody might like me, and although I swore to myself I would never, ever be grossed out, I kind of am. Why would I have a reason to be grossed out anyway? I should be completely and utterly flattered that he sees enough in me to consider me like able, and to actively pursue me despite the fact that I keep resisting him. Sure, he’s sweet, but he is 
I gotta admire the way he shamelessly flirts, because, hey, you can only do so much talking in a Biology class on a regular basis, but dude, give it a rest. I don’t know if I should tell him I’m not interested in the least, or just let him come to terms with it himself. I really, really don’t want to hurt him, but I don’t want to lead him on. It’s not fair to him, because I think everyone deserves a chance to have some romance every once in a while, and I don’t want him wasting his time on a girl who won’t budge. So there is my rant for the evening.


So, after a year of being a retired choir student, I’ve decided to take the plunge and sign up again. I’ve realized that music really is who I am, and I can either take every chance I get to share that love with others, or I can sit down and wish for opportunities to come along. So, I’m taking a little risk and auditioning for Encore choir. It’s less traditional, and more contemporary, which seems right up my alley. No dancing, just straight up cool music. They’ve performed a few times during lunch, and so far, I’ve liked what I’ve heard. So now the question is…. What song am I going to audition with?! I have a few ides, such as:

  • Ordinary Day~ Emilie Mover
  • Love Story~Taylor Swift
  • Hold Me~ Jamie Grace
  • Fidelity~ Regina Spektor
  • The Show~ Lenka
  • Folding Chair~ Regina Spektor
  • The Way I Am~Ingrid Michaelson
  • Something That I Want~Grace Potter
I also REALLY love the song “Cold”, by Lucy Schwartz and Aqualung, but I don’t know if it’s the right style. I guess I could do show tunes as well, but ugh! I do not like them unless I’m in a show that has them in it. So, yeah. That’s the deal, currently.

Savannah vs. Food

Tonight at dinner was… something else, to say the least. Savannah did some very unique things, such as:

Savannah had a little accident with the ranch dressing…
Maybe not little.

Okay, so it was huge.
  • I had the windows rolled down in the van because we have no AC, so at dinner, Dad said: “You know, there’s a slight chance of rain tonight, and you know what that means…” I knew instinctively what he meant, so I replied “Roll up the windows”. Savannah piped up with, “What does that mean??” “It means I have to roll up the windows, Savannah.” “Yeah, but is that, like an inside joke or something?” “….Yes, Savannah. I’m going to “roll up the windows”, Dad!” I gave him an exaggerated wink, and slid off to roll up the windows. All the while, Savannah insisted on knowing the “real” meaning of “roll up the windows”. Oh, Savannah.
  • While attempting to season her baked potato, Savannah wanted some ranch, so she got the bottle, and… upended half of the bottle all over her plate. Apparently she thought the bottle had a little squeezy hole in it. It did NOT have a squeezy hole. 
  • Licy didn’t know how to eat her potato, so I said, “Eat it like an apple, like the Swedish people do!” Dad quickly quipped, “Yeah, and HOW many wars have the Swedes won?” Savannah broke into giggles, then sobered up and said, “Seriously though, how many did they win?”
My sister is quite funny, if I do say so myself. She just cracks me up to no end! 

Boredom+Friday+shockingly attractive pictures= this post.

What do you get when you cross a fan with a camera?

 Freakishly awesome pictures, that’s what.

 What a babe!!!!


Yup. Awesome. I am slowly but surely trying to weather the death of Picnik, and though it’s nearly frickin’ impossible, I’m coping. Mostly because no amount of hate letters will change their mind, but whatevs. I found two new sites,, and, and even though they aren’t ideal, I like them. The fantastic rainbow effect you see up there is courtesy of iPiccy. I LOVE that effect so much. It looks legit. My one problem with iPiccy is the quality isn’t as good as Picnik or PicMonkey, but hey! It’s COMPLETELY FREE. There isn’t even an option for Premium, or anything like that- which means free airbrush. Oh yeah! I love that. They don’t have as many features as Picnik either, but the missing features are ones I would never use anyway, so I’m okay with that. PicMonkey is like Picnik’s rowdy younger brother, full of attitude and silliness,but they share the same genes, so that means most of the same features, just a different web design. Neither site is as simplistic, and they have sort of confusing layouts, but c’est la vie. At any rate, I’m not posting to just rant even though that’s what I did anyway. Just to post these fabulous pictures. If we were six feet tall and anorexic, maybe we could be models!


Sweet :^)

This is such a cute Mormon Message! I got this one on my iPod, and I love to watch it over and over again. The fact that these couples have overcome various trials and other things that we don’t know about, and they still love each other so much is comforting to me. I also look to my parents as an ideal example of a good marriage. It is so obvious that they love each other, and that is exactly the way I want my own marriage to be. Happy, loving, and celestial. I so look forward to the day when I am sealed to my eternal companion, to later have children, and eventually grow old together. I hope we’re as cute together as the Hinkleys were. :^)

I imagine my husband will be the cutest old man ever. :^) Until then, I’m going to do my best to become the kind of girl worthy of a righteous priesthood holder, because there’s no way I am settling for less, and I don’t want him to have to feel like he must settle either.
I’m so excited to meet my future husband!


A Prom-ising post. :^)

I’m sure you’ve read my last post, and if you haven’t, it really doesn’t matter, because this post is what matters now! On Friday, I was asked to Prom at last!!!! It rhymes!

Here’s how it went down: (pictures too, I prom-ise!)
Thursday evening, my dad asked if we wanted to do baptisms the next morning. I said sure, what the heck? Certainly couldn’t hurt, and I certainly wasn’t expecting anything. Friday morning rolls around, and we get to the temple to find it absurdly crowded with a bajillion people. Dad ditched us (he had to work, so I guess that’s understandable), and then we waited. 
And waited. 
And W-A-I-T-E-D. When we got out of the temple, it was 10:33. We got there at 7:15! Tired and hungry, we headed home, where I started talking about Prom again. It’s been on the forefront of my mind ever since they announced the theme, and since I was pretty much positive who was asking me, I was now waiting for him to actually ask. So we chatted some more, and then sat down to eat. Then Dad called me, and before I could say anything my mom grabbed the phone from me and started talking to him, which kinda weirded me out because then she started acting odd. She gave the phone back to me and told me, “I think Dallin got into your room, you might want to check it out.” Now I was getting suspicious. So I walked into my room and was instantly greeted with this all over my room:

Still brain-dead from waking up early (Fridays are my sleeping in days), I thought at first that Dallin really DID do this, and then I started squealing because I got it:
I’D BEEN ASKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked over at my wall, which was covered in:
I thought it was brilliant, bringing an inside joke of ours into the asking, and it was so funny reading the little doodles he’d put all over the paper! 

My favorite part about this is he wrote: “WANTS to ask you to Prom!” Not: “Is asking you to Prom because he feels bad for you”. And the fact that he underlined it made me happy as well. It made me feel like less of a charity case, and made me even more excited to go with him! I haven’t replied yet- that’s a post for another day. Let’s move on to my dress!
Ever since I heard the theme (All That Glitters), I’ve pictured my dress perfectly. It would be gold, and knee length, kinda like this:
HORRIBLE quality pic, I know. But You get the general idea, right? Just add sleeves and BOOM. Perfectly Prom-y (Get used to me saying the word “Prom” a lot, because I’m excited). So later that day, I was looking through Facebook, when I stumbled upon one of my friends’ posts. She was selling all her old prom dresses! I looked through the album, and found a dress. It was gold. It was modest. It was sparkly. It had to be mine. So I messaged her, and we set up a time for me to go try it on. 
Saturday rolled around, and we drove to her house to try it on. I was feeling confident, but then I started panicking. It would be so embarrassing if it didn’t fit! What would I do?! These thoughts in my head, I timidly knocked on the door, and when she answered, we saw the dress. It was beautiful! I eagerly tried it on, zipped it up, and modeled for everyone. It fit like a glove! We happily paid for it and went home, where I modeled once again for my sisters. Here it is!
Isn’t it fabulous?! It’s super light and fun, and I can easily hem it to knee length. And as an added plus, the dress isn’t tight enough to necessitate the omission of certain parts of clothing (*cough cough* winter formal dress *cough cough*)! I’m so excited!!!

Prom-blems (see what I did there?)

Soo…. Prom. It’s next month. I’m freaking out over here! Why?

  1. I haven’t been asked
  2. I need to find a dress
  3. And shoes
  4. And a date.
  5. And a date.
  6. I also need someone to ask me.
  7. And a date.
I don’t want to not be asked, because then I would feel like a desperate spinster all alone on the most important dance at school, because thus far I’ve been the only one asking people out if I want to go on a date. Lame? Yes. Very much so.
I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally want to go SO BAD. I’ve even begun compiling ideas for my dress/hair/makeup/date’s outfit. I wish someone would just ask already! And I can’t post my wish on Facebook (even though I have several extremely witty ideas of what to say), because I will officially be labeled as “desperate” by my dad. Trust me. He’s said it before when he’s seen it. He’d say it again regardless of if I said it. So there goes that form of advertisement. Ugh. I need to get over it. 
Another small part of me wants to be asked just for the sake of showing him that yes, I can move on and date. I’m not on my knees begging for him to come back (even though it’s still very painful). 
And dances are just so gosh darn FUN!