#30 and 31…. today’s the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I got sick… Lame, but whatevs. Here’s #30:

Gah! Love this song.
And now for the epic song I absolutely adore…

Classic favorite song. It’s impossible for me to get sick of this song!
I’ll post more about my FANFREAKINGTASTIC birthday later.


#28… GAH!

So I heard this song on a cell phone commercial a few years ago, and it’s sweet melody has popped into my head randomly ever since then. It’s always only been that one line: “I think that possibly, maybe I’m falling for you”. Which is SUCH A CUTE QUOTE, but I wanted to get the rest of the song. So I pumped the lyrics into Google, and got this adorable song! And don’t you love the music video? Sweet, sweet, sweet. I love Landon Pigg. He is so cute!! Three more days, guys! Three more days!! I’m not expecting too much, but… Oh, can you keep a secret? I’ll type it small to make it seem more confidential.
I really just want a certain blue-eyed someone to write a sweet poem about me, and give that to me for my birthday. I think it would make me the happiest girl in the universe. I’d totally frame it, y’all. A flower wouldn’t hurt either. But that’s just my hopeless romantic talking; I’m not expecting much, like I said. But seriously. How. Cute. Would. That. BE?!!?!?!? Oh, I’d be on cloud 96,096,097,687,807,609,097,908,709,870,987,098,790!!
Okay. Secret time is over. But you gotta admit, you’d melt if you got something like that, right? It’s not just me… Right?
In other news, WINTERFORMALISEXTWEEK!! At least I have my pretty dress, so that keeps some of the stress at bay. I’m still freaking out, but oh well. I can do this, I just need to remind myself to b.r.e.a.t.h.e.
Anyway, gotta eat. Ta!


#27… a little instrumental for your day.

Clair de Lune. The first song I played on the piano that WASN’T from a lesson book, and consequently, the first piano solo I fell head-over-heels in love with. How relaxing, and just overall delicate. I thought you all would appreciate it. It’s just… Absolute perfection.

Pure delight.
I visited my old ward today to watch our old bishop be released, and lemme tell ya, I am REALLY homesick now. It just felt so… homey. I remembered everyone (except the newbies of course), and I felt so loved there. I felt like I fit in there better than my new ward. Which is silly, because I’ve been there for over a year now. Still, I really felt like an important part of the ward there. Sometimes here, I feel lost and kind of insignificant, but I guess there’s not much I can do about that. It was fabulous being with Kaitlyn, Taylor, and Pamela again. It felt like old times, guys. Good old times. I wish I lived closer.


Twilight by Dr. Seuss

I copied this off a Facebook friend. It’s quite hilarious if I do say so myself. :^)

Jake likes a girl. Her name is Bella.
Bella likes a different fella.

See this vamp? This is Ed.
Ed is pale. Ed is dead.

Ed saved Bella from a van.
Ed must be a special man.

Ed won’t kill boys. He won’t kill girls.
Ed gets fed on deer and squirrels.

This is James. He’s a tracker.
He’s a sort of vamp attacker.

James hunts Bella for a thrill.
Will Ed kill him? Yes, he will.

But James gave her a little bite.
Will she be a vamp? She might!

Edward fixes Bella’s cut.
She won’t be a vampire.

She becomes one. Read some more.
She’s a vampire in book 4.

So funny, right??


14 things about my darling sister.

Yesterday Geneal turned the big 1-4! Stake dances, here she comes! I’m so excited for her. :^)

  1. She lets me cry when I need to, and she listens.
  2. We can sing together spontaneously and we harmonize LIKE A BOSS.
  3. She isn’t braggy
  4. she has faboo taste in music
  5. she is an absolutely marvelous dancer!
  6. her laugh is infectious
  7. we have the best inside jokes:^)
  8. she is willing to just LISTEN.
  9. she’s clever
  10. and positively hilarious
  11. since we’re so close in age, we do a lot of things together, and that makes it fun
  12. she hasn’t killed me yet.
  13. we get over our arguments quickly
  14. she is truly my best friend.

I love you soooo much, darling! Remember that you are obese!! :^) :^)


Happy belated birthday, Daddy!

My beloved Daddy had a birthday on Thursday! He’s a great and wonderful man, and I can’t imagine having a better father, honsestly. He is so strong in the gospel, and is a worthy priesthood holder. A full-time mission server, he is the perfect example of how I want my future husband to be in many ways. He has a great, great sense of humor and that’s pretty much essential for me. :^) he isn’t always embarrassing in front of my friends, which is a plus. They like him and think he’s cool, which is so true. I love you eternally, Daddy. Thank you for being there always to give me blessings, talk to me, listen, tease, encourage, and hug. You are great, and I thank my Heavenly Father all the time for such a great father. Thank you for your patience with me as I continue my driving education (read: superhumanly patient. I’m a slow learner), and thank you for the pointers. I especially thank you for teaching me to respect the flag, our country, and myself. Thank you for teaching us so much about gun safety and for trusting us to handle them properly. You really are an amazing person, friend, husband, and father. I love you.


#25 & 26… oops!

So I got snuggled up in bed last night, and realized I forgot to present number 25 for you all! what a horrible, tragic thing to do. I guess you’ll just have to settle for two today. So here’s #25 for you:

I don’t usually listen to covers, but this one ROCKED, no pun intended. It’s just awesome- especially since I never loved the original to begin with. So, yeah. It’s pretty chill.
Twenty six:

This makes me happy. Which is always a good thing when listening to music!
That’s the end of this post, I have some catching up to do on some others.



I first heard this song while browsing a photography website, and instantly was entranced by the other-worldly feel of the melody. I became obsessed with the song, and HAD to find out who it was by, much less what it was called. A few weeks later, I was listening to Pandora and heard this song and it reminded me so much of the other song that I had to look it up on iTunes to see if they were by the same author. So I looked, and, (dun dun dun…) not only were they by the same author, they were even in the same album! I felt so accomplished in that moment. Here is the mystery song:

Wowie. It. Is. So. Cool. I want to have a voice like Florence Welch, folks. That would be ideal. I can hit some of her soaring high notes in Dog Days… As long as I’m in the shower. Which is okay, I like the acoustics. I think that’s what showers are for- singing. Because it’s like it automatically makes you sound awesome, at least to yourself. Maybe I should just record a song in the shower… Just kidding. That’s weird.
I had my first day of drama today. May I just say how much I miss last semester’s class?? I almost died of sadness there. Not to mention I was paired up with a mildly irritating partner for a little scene we had to do, so that was splendid. Micah is probably the only one who’s gonna keep me sane. Or, O.D.D. Ha. That was an inside joke that none of you would get. Ha. Ha. :^( It’s like the end of a play: my second family just DIED. No I’m not being over-dramatic. I’m frickin’ sad! But hopefully this class will be good. Some stubborn part of me deep inside secretly hopes this class won’t be nearly as awesome, because last semester was legendary in it’s oddities. Ha. That was another inside joke that YOU DON’T GET. Ha. Ha… I’m sorry. I’m not looking for pity, I promise. In other words, I really like my history class! I’m sitting by Micah and Draven, which will also be nice. Some times it’s nice to just hang out with the boys, which is exactly what I did today, come to think of it. I only hung out with boys! It’s therapeutic, I tell ya. No stress. Just like the olden days of my youth. :^) Brilliant. Now I just want to write about boys. Not in the romantic sense, actually. Just about being friends. Another post for another time. *notice how I didn’t say day… maybe later tonight I’ll log back on and rant.* Anywho, I’m out! Time to go celebrate my daddy’s birthday!! Oh yeah… Another post. Brb I guess!