#19 and a fun little tiny fact

This song is fun, bouncy, and fun to sing along to! It makes me want to grin, as I’m sure it will do to you!

Now for the fun fact: Yesterday’s post was my 360th! It’s kinda cool, don’t ya think? like 360 degrees… A turnaround, in a sense. Kinda like me. I wen from writing lame hyper stuff like this to the hilariously entertaining works of genius I crank out on an (almost) daily basis. It’s pretty cool when you think about it. I went from an immature, weird girl, to a slightly less immature, still very much weird girl.
Life is so amazing sometimes.
Thanks for reading with me this long! Well, technically, your guys my regular readers haven’t been with me long enough to have read all that crud, so lucky you!


#18, a free song

The perky beat, the “hey’s”, I really like this song. The best part? It’s free this week on iTunes. Awesome! I have a way of becoming somewhat obsessed with the free songs, so I’ll listen the crud out of them- which is what I’m doing now. :^) This version sounds a little bit different from the iTunes version, but that’s okay because you can hardly notice. Have a fabulous day, my loves!



Early this morning I woke up in an absolute panic. So bad, in fact, that I could not get back to sleep for the life of me! I tossed and turned, trying to get more comfortable, but the panicky feeling would not go away! I was freaking out, people. Freaking out! Why was I freaking out?
Because in two weeks and 1 day (15 days, to be exact), I
I am not okay with this, contrary to popular belief. I am freaking out so much, that I’m trying not to hyperventilate.
I canNOT get older! Where did the time go? GAH!!! I am trying my best to ignore the fact, but, stupid me, I put up two freaking countdowns on my BLOG of all places. I can’t just take them down! I have to wait the full fifteen days because I’m too stubborn to do otherwise. And I like sharing my songs with you guys. It’s calming, somewhat. But really, I am petrified of turning sixteen. I honestly am scared. Probably because deep down I have really high hopes for this birthday (I’ve been dreaming about it since I was five! Doesn’t every little girl?), and I don’t know how to let go of those hopes. I just have to accept the fact that my birthday will probably suck, and move on. My birthdays are usually kinda lame, I don’t know why I haven’t caught on to this trend in my development.
Another reason I don’t want to turn sixteen is my license. On one hand, I think it’s really lame how I have to get a graduated license (that means no fun-er, it’s pretty much the same thing as my permit), and I have to wait six months before I’m officially on my own. On the other hand, I’m so scared that I’ll get into an accident once I really AM on my own. Plus, for the driving test portion, I’m super nervous because I won’t have my Daddy in the car with me. I’ve hardly ever driven without him! I’m going to panic and die in the car before the test person even has time to say “okay, go”.
And last but probably most heavy on my mind, dating. Duh. I’ve always pictured myself as the type of girl who will always be going out with someone (yes, vain. I know), and I’ll have a great time all the time. But I gave myself a reality check: I’m probably NOT that kind of girl, and I WON’T be dating people very often. Plus the one person I really DO want to date won’t be sixteen for a while afterward, and that breaks my heart. I HATE being older sometimes. UGH. I’ve already got my first date lined up on the 20th, and every time I think of that, my stomach hurts. What if I mess up? How am I supposed to tell him what our colors are?! AAAAUUUGGGGHHH!!! I’m so confused. I haven’t even found a dress, for heaven’s sake! I’m horrible at this already. :^(
So there is my emotional little pity-party. Boo hoo.


#16, and a surgery

The title of this song pretty much sums up the song: Young, Dumb, and in Love. This is a great, cheerful, bouncy song that I just love! It also describes the feeling you get pretty much perfectly. Just…. a fabulous song!
In other news, my darling Licy had her first surgery today! Woo hoo! She got her tonsils/adenoids  removed, and so far she’s doing pretty good! She looks like death, but I’m impressed with her. It was an outpatient surgery, so she’s home with us once again, and within about an hour of getting home she was already yelling at Lincoln- which scared the crud out of me, honestly. That’s the sore-throat-surgery! Shouldn’t she be acting like a trauma victim? Nope. Pretty much talking about what she wants to. She’s quieting down though, so that’s good. She’s also getting some heavy naps in, and she sounds like a motor when she snores. Ha! Poor Baby, but I’m sure she’ll get through it- she’s a trooper!
Nice tangent from the song, no? How ’bout another one?
Last night, after Licy’s “last meal”, my dad on a whim asked is we wanted to go see Hugo, a movie based on the book The Invention Of Hugo Cabret. I said yes, and Geneal, Savannah, and I got to go see it, and lemme tell ya, it was SUPERB. I was immediately sucked into the adventure of it all, and it was all so well done. The 3D was fantastic, and I LOVED all the old movie clips. So. Great. Geneal and savannah hadn’t read the book, and they enjoyed at at least as much as I did. Wow. What a great movie. Wow wow wow. Wow.
We also watched The Help today, and that was absolutely breathtaking. I totally cried. It was pretty true to the book, and the characters were all absolutely flawless! SO GOOD.
So, yep. I saw some pretty amazing flicks this break.
And Just Dance 2?! Freaking sweet.
The end.

Break so far

For lack of something better to do, I will chronicle my break so far. I have the feeling you faithful readers want to read something other than my pointless rambling about the song ‘o’ the day, so I’ll just tell y’all what I’ve been up to, bullet-style.

  • I’ve written a song, which is something I haven’t done in a while. I thought it was fine, then I tried to sing through it and it had some rhythm problems, so I’ll polish that up and I’ll be perfectly happy. I kinda like it, because it pretty much outlines how I’m feeling as of late. I have an idea for a new song, but I just need to get the words in my head organized enough so that I can write it down. Don’t expect me to sing it in front of you though. I’m weird that way- I want to be a musician, but it seems that I can’t write anything good enough to produce it. Live and learn, I guess.
  • My siblings are driving me to distraction, and I just need to get OUT OF THE HOUSE. Seriously. I don’t know what they are on, but it’s awful. I just want to run away for a little bit, out to a park or someplace to collect my sanity.
  • I love dancing around the house, so I do it whenever I can. I also danced at the mall last night, in front of the world, and guess what? I didn’t care. That feels so liberating, not caring about what total strangers think of you. It makes everything more fun. Also, I lipsynch all the time. All. The. Time. I don’t know why, it’s almost a knee-jerk reaction- if the song is out of my range, I’ll synch it. Otherwwise, I’m singing. I can’t seem to stop singing or dancing. Maybe I’m insane.
  • I want to live by the ocean.
  • My latest addictions- homemade hot chocolate, and this funny lettering I made up. I love drawing it because it’s just so, so, trippy! And for the record, my hot chocolate is pure magic. I LOVE it so much, because it tastes like world peace, and snuggling, and skipping….. I just enjoy it. Here is the recipe:
DQ#1’s Hot Chocolate Of Your Wildest Dreams:
  1. 1 can of dehydrated milk (you can use normal people milk if you want, but this tastes better. Richer, carmal-ier.)
  2. 1 heaping spoonful of cocoa powder
  3. Honey (organic tastes best)

Heat up milk in a saucepan, on medium heat. Stir occasionally, making sure not to overheat or scald. Meanwhile, spoon out the cocoa powder into a good-sized mug. Drizzle honey on top of cocoa powder, until powder is covered with a layer of honey to taste. Stir cocoa powder and honey together until it becomes sticky and liquidy. At first, the mixture will look like dough, but just be patient and keep stirring. Your efforts will pay off. Taste the honey mixture, making sure it’s sweet enough for ya. add more honey or cocoa powder according to your liking.
When milk is warm enough to comfort you, but not hot enough to kill your taste buds, simply pour it into your mug, and stir until the honey is melted into your drink. Enjoy thoroughly! Makes one serving of pure deliciousness.

  • I dreamed the other night that my mom woke me up, saying I was late for my wedding. Apparently, I forgot everything about my wedding day, because I didn’t have a dress. photogapher, reception hall, or anything! I didn’t even have time to do my hair/makeup, and I ended up wearing a silver prom dress (which weirded me out, seeing as how I didn’t even remember graduating), and when I got to the temple, the only thing that relieved me was I was at least getting married in the temple. Then I saw my groom, and I was even more relieved, because he just looked so wonderful! He was genuinely happy to see me, and didn’t mind in the least that I looked like a mess ON OUR WEDDING DAY. He just cared that I made it and was ready to do this. I felt so inadequate, but he reassured me that everything was gonna be okay; this day was just about us two. Thank you, mystery future husband. Keep up the soothingness, please. Another bonus? He was positively adorable. What a great catch!
  • Christmas is tomorrow. I can’t seem to get “in the spirit”, because it feels too soon! Wasn’t yesterday New Years? Oh well, I can’t do anything about it, so I’ll just keep my mouth shut and go with it.
  • I’m a huge hypocrite. Why? Because I’ll see someone short, and I’ll start thinking, “holy COW that’s a short person!” I’ll continue on my short people judgement until I look down and realize…. I’m smaller than them. I’m also a hypocrite because I pity people with winter birthdays close-ish to Christmas, because it’s just so lame! I mean, come on! When people give you presents, they always say it’s “for your birthday AND Christmas!” that’s so dumb! Poor winter birthdays. They are so ripped off! I would never want my birthday… 18 days after Christmas. I guess I fall into that category. So for whoever just got offended at reading this rant, I’m in the same boat. It’s lame, lame, lame. In my opinion, anyway. I just forget that I’m in the same position sometimes, and I start feeling bad for them, and then I come back to earth and realize I’m the same. It’s also kinda sad because family comes down for Christmas, and they’ve come down for my other sibling’s birthdays, but not me, because it’s too close. At least that’s what it feels like somedays.

That’s about it for my life lately. Good thing too, because you were about to just skip through this to see if I posted pictures or something. I understand.


Music #13- Christmas edition.

Today, I have a little treat for you, in the form of Michael Buble’s vocal cords. Swoon.

This may not be a great video, but I don’t have sound, so I wouldn’t know. But isn’t he just perfection? Oh, I love that voice. This was already a song I loved, and to hear him sing it… Stop. I must. Not. Drool. On. Computer. So enjoy this song, because I know I did!!