A book review!

Crossed (Matched, #2)Crossed by Ally Condie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In keeping with the theme of Matched, Crossed is another thrilling installment in this breathtaking dystopian romance. I know some of you will stop there, because this will end up being just another sappy romance, but I really enjoyed it! I like the idea that love can take you new places, and seeing how far one will go for their love is something I really like. This book struck a chord in me, and I couldn’t put it down! The adventure doesn’t run dry throughout this book, and each chapter had me captivated.

The chapters alternate between two characters, Ky and Cassia, so it was interesting to see each of their perspectives during the course of this book, because they would each have something different to say each time. I loved how everything they did was for each other, and even though the going got tough, they still stuck together.

In the beginning, they’re both separated, searching for each other, and they keep crossing paths, unbeknownst to them, which is why this book is called Crossed.

When they finally reunited, I almost cheered aloud, I was so happy! I really got into the book, and felt like I identified with them.

Or maybe it’s just because I’m a hopeless romantic and I love things like that. :^)

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It’s good to be in a band.

I’m proud to announce that I’ve joined a band! We got together pretty recently, and we have a great sound! We’ve been singing a variety of songs, not really paying special attention to the genre. We do what we want, and we do it with style! I’m the lead singer, and there’s a guitarist and drummer. It’s a small band, but we have promising talent, I can tell already. I got the job of constructing an album cover, and it came out marvelously, in my opinion. Look for our album soon!

The band’s name is HELE5. The name was taken from the first letters of the lead singer’s and the drummer’s first and middle name (Haeley Elizabeth, Lincoln Edward), and the 5 comes from the drummer’s age. The album is called Drum, and it represents the heart of the band: the drummer. We’re finishing up our album, so look again soon for a music video or something soon!


24 things I’m thankful for.

There are really too many to simply list, so I’ll just stick to 24, because that’s what today is. The 24th. I’m so clever, aren’t I? These are in no particular order, so don’t judge. I’m taking ideas as they come.

  1. my family
  2. reading good books
  3. moments that give you butterflies and leave you slightly breathless
  4. having good hair
  5. lotion/makeup/lipgloss/shoes
  6. my mother’s homemade bread
  7. clothes fresh out of the dryer
  8. singing in a nice, hot shower
  9. where I live-especially the greenbelt. I wouldn’t be able to function without that place.
  10. music, period.
  11. the feeling of being onstage
  12. rollercoasters
  13. playing games with my friends
  14. hanging out with my friends
  15. sweet notes
  16. inside jokes
  17. parking straight
  18. finishing the BOM all by myself
  19. blogging
  20. snuggly blankets- or just snuggling
  21. laughing until I get the hiccups
  22. making others laugh
  23. being ME
  24. photography

So there you go… Some things I love in a nutshell. I know some things up there make me seem like something of an airhead, but y’all should know I’m not a normal person, and I really AM thankful for these things. They make me who I am, and life wouldn’t be the same without ’em. Especially the lipgloss. ;^)
Happy Givethanksing!!


My Heroes.

I’ll post later with my deep, emotional feelings about the end of the play, but for right now, I’m too sick to really care. So for now, you’ll have to be happy with me talking about my lovely little football team, the Heritage Heroes.
I’m so proud of them. :^)
60-37, on a team that has been undefeated in over two years. I love my school. :^)

Sorry about the cruddy picture- I got it off an email.


This post is totally pointless.

I’m bored, and at my dad’s work, so I figured I might as well post. I don’t have anything to say, really, so I’ll take ideas as they come.

I’m not doing so hot. I’m tired, and sick, and counting down the shows until I’m finally done. This play has felt more like a a chore than a joy, honestly. And I feel bad for saying that, I really do. I just can’t seem to stop comparing this experience to my other performances, which is petty and stupid, but there ya have it. I’m sooooo tired. Going to bed late, waking up early, rinse and repeat. Today is different, because I have a show this morning- yep. MORNING. THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL, PEOPLE!! I’m gonna die onstage or something, I swear, because guess how tomorrow’s going down? Three shows: nine am, three pm, and seven pm. That’s a death sentence, and I’m dreading tomorrow. 😛 😛 😛
On the bright side, since I’m at my dad’s workplace, his computer just happens to HAVE ITUNES!!!!!! It’s like getting a hug from the internet. That’s what I miss the most, folks. Itunes. It’s slowly draining the life and vitality out of me, especially since two artists whom I love have released new albums, and guess who can’t listen to ’em? Me. But this makes me happy, just listening to the 1:30 previews, because that’s enough to keep me alive- barely.
Except Dad just moved me to a different computer with no itunes. But that’s okay, because I still have Pandora, so I’m feeling musically fat and happy. And this computer doesn’t have a screwed-up keyboard, so I’m feeling good. Well, sorta. I’m super hungry, but whatevs.
See? I told you this post had no point.
My hands are cold.


Baring it all.

Since it’s late, I’ll spare you the gory details of opening night, tonight’s show, yadda yadda yadda.
Instead, I’ll share a little adventure that happened this evening.
Opening night’s call was 5:00 pm, and I thought that would be the only night that call would be this early, seeing as how the show starts at seven. So, I rationalized, the call should be at 6:00 instead, so that there’d be less stress, etc.
After I got home from school, I decided to double-check the call time, and then the unthinkable happened:
So I started freaking out, and as I threw on some clothes, I looked frantically around for pants. The only pair I could easily get into was a pair of navy drawstring pants, so I yanked ’em on and ran out the door.
We reached the MAC at ten ’til six, so I booked it out of the car. I was flying like a bird of prey! I was running like a race horse! I was freaking out! I noticed a young man headed towards the same entrance I was. Normally in a situation like this, I would have collected myself and made myself look more appealing, but this was a crisis. This was an emergency. So I raced on, and only when they were around my ankles did I realize
May I remind you, I had no time to get fully ready, so the only thing under there was some panty hose and undies. So there I was, still running, now with my pants around my ankles. I just couldn’t stop, so I grabbed them up and said coolly, “Well now, that was embarrassing, wasn’t it?” to the young man in question.
Needless to say, I was quite embarrassed. However, I laughed about it the whole night, which is the most important thing, right?!


I’m back!

After missionary week, you’d think I would have tons and buckets of exciting things to share, but honestly… Not much comes to mind. The only note-worthy things are as follows:
We went to the Science Center (first time in AGES- boy have they changed things around), and we have some fun. We went on the sky cycle, and enjoyed the air tubes:

It was pretty fun.
Other than a fantastic stake dance, nothing life-changing happened. Wait- I lied. I lost my favorite earring down the drain. :^( :^( :^(