Silly, silly.

I don’t know why, but lately some silly things have transpired, for example:

  • While talking about some future auditions for Aladdin Jr., we said Licy should play the part of Abu(sp?), and Lincoln piped up, “And I could be a red!” Funny boy.
  • In class, we’re reading the Scarlet Letter, and I was finishing up the assigned chapters last night, and Lincoln came up and asked me to read to him. After I finished his book, he asked if i could read the book in my lap, which was the Scarlet Letter. Incredulous, I asked him if he was sure, and he was adamant. So I read him a chapter out of the book, and he LIKED it. No pictures, tiny script, words even I didn’t understand, and he drank it up! He fell asleep towards the end, but it was no surprise because it was late.

The silliest of all:

  • I guess I was preoccupied this morning, because after a hasty breakfast of three bell pepper sticks (I’m totally paranoid about brushing my teeth-completely), I rushed to the bathroom to brush. I was almost done when I noticed the bristles felt rather peculiar, then I looked down, and…. it was NOT my toothbrush. Now, a normal person would discreetly gag in quiet, and then hide the brush so they could thoroughly clean it before the next use. But me, I freaked out and asked whose toothbrush was green- Geneal answered the affirmative, looking at me like “duh, you should know that”. So I sheepishly told her what had transpired, and we both partook in a gag-fest. Fortunately for my poor carpool Suzy, she had the opportunity to hear this odd discourse, and laughed to excess. I still have a weird taste in my mouth. I knew y’all wanted to hear that. :^)

Anyway, these are the things that make my life so crazy cool and awesome. Except that last bullet point- that wasn’t very cool. Oh well.


A big, fat wad of performance stuff.

The first item of business is something that is somewhat sad. It involves these things:

 Yes, everyone, these are the famous Jojo Shoes, last seen onstage in Whoville.

These things have been my pride and joy, and every time I’ve worn them, people who saw the show would come up to me and exclaim, “Oh my gosh, it’s the Jojo shoes!! That was such a good show, you did awesome, etc. etc.”
Well guys, this ain’t gonna happen anymore. Why? Because now they’re pink.

No, I did not go crazy and paint them for no reason. They are now Virginia/Mara’s shoes for the Pajama Game. They had to be painted in order for me to save money, and it made the most sense. Was it hard for me? Yeah, it got a little tough when I saw the first shoe all pink, and only one shoe was left normal. But it really is for the best, and in a way, this is letting the memories live on for longer. These shoes will just be more theatrically experienced now, and they will have an even more special place-if that’s possible.

The next order of business is this: THE PAJAMA GAME IS COMING TO AN END. It feels so weird, knowing that this is almost over when it feels like it has just begun!! Crazy times, my friends. Crazy times.

Last but not least, I auditioned for the Scarlet Pimpernel last night!! I’m anxiously awaiting results, which will be posted tomorrow night. Cross your fingers, peeps!! This sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Something that frustrated me about auditioning was the auditionees were acting like this wasn’t a for serious audition. They didn’t seem to be approaching it with enough of a cool head to do things right. Of course, Julia, McKenzie, Savannah, Geneal, and I weren’t acting like that- and I don’t mean that in an oh-look-at-us-we’re-perfect way at all. This is genuine. I’m glad I have friends (and sisters) who are audition-savvy and don’t feel the need to goof off and be dumb just because they know the director. Thanks, girls!! Wow. There are a lot of exclamation points in this. Um, disregard the over-excitement. I’ll either be even worse tomorrow or otherwise terribly subdued. I’m hoping for the first. I really, really wanna get this! There’s just one conflict… Which I’m sure won’t even end up being an issue in the end, but it keeps gnawing at my conscience. Whatever. I’ll spill my guts to you tomorrow night, if there’s anything worth telling. You can be assured of that, no worries. Well, I’m going to shut up now and leave. Check back tomorrow for more exciting truffles of knowledge!


I did it.

Oh. My. Word. I actually did it. If you’re curious about what I’m referring to, check this out:

Ignore the disgustingly shiny face, please. And the darkness. I was in a car.
Folks, I was worse than this. First date, peeps. First. Frickin’. Date. I’m allowed to act like a kindergartner on their first day of school… Right? Right? I probably annoyed the crap outta my mom, what with all my nervous whining and insisting that I was about to throw up/pee/have an aneurysm. Like I said, first date. Oh yeah… Pictures.

I was so freaked out, guys, I swear it took all my… Er, “guts” to just leave the stupid pumpkin on their door. I was so scared it’d be the wrong house, or they’d see me, or Ben would wrinkle his nose in disgust and wonder why he’d ever want to be seen dead with me… I have an insane imagination. Whatever.

Only time will tell if I get a smiley or frowny!! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, that was uncharacteristically hyper of me. Get over it.)


The first sixteen in our little friend group!!

My friend Sarah is officially dateable now!!

  1. She is beautiful. 
  2. And has GREAT HAIR
  3. and a sense of style
  4. and she is so FUNNY.
  5. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks
  6. She is a faboo dancer,
  7. She’s smart- but not in the annoying hey-look-I’m-a-really-smart-annoying-person-who-will-annoy-you-to-your-grave-because-I’m-so-smartically-annoying.
  8. She’s fun to be around
  9. She has a good attitude
  10. Did I mention she’s funny?
  11. Strongly rooted in the Gospel
  12. She has good opinions on things-meaning I agree with her. :^)
  13. She has the funniest exclamations/sayings
  14. she isn’t a jerk which is really cool!
  15. She’s caring
  16. She DATEABLE!!! Woot!!

I’m glad we’re friends, Sarah! I hope this year is a BLAST for you!!


Some ideas on how to ask the gentleman in question.

No, I haven’t figured out who I’m asking out yet (thanks to Julia- and I’m not being sarcastic this time, she really did save me from asking someone who is already taken- thanks again!!), much less how, but since I need to get cracking on this (two months before-that’s how you know you go to Heritage), we’ve started hunting out ideas to ask creatively.
Personally, if I was just asked, no fanfare or funny business included, I’d have difficulty responding. Because how much of a letdown is that?! No, this time, I’m going full-blown, unforgettably awesome, for my first dance. I’m taking a date, that much is certain. I just need to figure out how… So here are some clever ideas. Enjoy!

  • One girl made a deal with her date’s math teacher before class and got her to distribute a fake pop-quiz. Everyone besides her date got a piece of paper that said, “This is a joke, sit tight and be quiet!” while her date got a series of difficult math equations. The last problem said, “This quiz won’t count if you go to prom with me!” How creative! How cute!
  • Take a white shirt and write a bunch of girls names in washable markers. Then write your name in permanent ink. The boy will then have to wash the shirt to find out who asked him!
  • Get a toilet plunger (unused) and fill it with almond joy candy bars, then have a note attached to it that says “I would OVERFLOW with JOY if you would go to the dance with me!”
  • Give the askee an untampered-with bag of flour with a note that says “Look in the flour.” The next day, after he/she has searched the bag of flour with no luck, give him/her a rose (or other kind of flower) with a rolled up note in the middle: “Oops! Wrong flower! Will you go out with me anyway?”
  • If you have a cooperative teacher, ask them to do a class activity. Find out about your potential date and make a list of of questions. The teacher should have all the students stand up at the beginning of the game The questions should narrow out the askee: e.i. Sit down if you are a boy; remain standing if you were born in the summer; sit down if you have a dog; etc. When she’s the only one standing, have the teacher give her your message.
  • Get a pumpkin. Laminate the message and put in the middle of the pumpkin guts. The person has to clean the pumpkin out and carve a smile for “yes” and a frown for “no”.{I especially love this one, since it’s, you know, close to Halloween. Even if it’s two months away, might as well go with the season!}
  • Leave a bunch of rubber ducks floating in a bucket, small pool or in their bathtub, and a note that says: “Of all the duckies in the lake you’re the one I want to take.” You could also do this with frogs saying: “Of all the froggies in the lake you’re the prince I want to take.”
  • Take photographs around town of letters from businesses, road or other signs that will spell out the invitation or name of the person asking. Give the stack of photos to the person saying: “We would have a picture perfect time at the dance – will you be my date?”
  • Coordinate with teachers at school or friends that so during each class period the person being asked is given a word to the invitation. By the end of the day the recipient should have all the words to solve who is asking.
  • Hang a piñata on the porch of the person being asked. Fill with candy and letters or words that must be put together to form the invite.
  • Have someone dressed up like Moses deliver the invitation worded like the 10 commandments–e.g. Thou shalt have no other dates before me, Thou shalt be ready at 7 pm on the 23rd of May, 1999, etc. (To answer this invitation, you could make a pan of Red JELL-O with the answer at the bottom in the middle–so that the person would have to part the “Red Sea.”){I LOVE this idea- it cracked. Me. Up!}

So there you have it. Some top-notch ideas on how I could ask Mr. Mystery to Winter Formal. Aren’t these fun? They’re a great idea for future dances, so I think I’ll fall back on them every so often. Creativity just rocks, I think. It makes life so much more… Spontaneous.
I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated on the Grate Date Search.


A shocking realization.

With 2 months and 4 weeks until I’m sixteen, (read it and weep!!) I’ve come to a crazy conclusion:

  1. Winter Formal is on January 20th.
  2. It’s girl-ask-guy.
  3. Girls are already asking guys.
  4. Which means…

Do you know how FREAKY THAT IS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I’ve looked through the yearbook, and I haven’t really found anyone totally awesome (some have girlfriends already, some are total drips). Besides, the one boy I really really want to go with won’t be sixteen yet, so that is really dumb.
So the question is…
Who should I go with?? I need your ideas! And an idea on how to ask would be good too. (I mean really- just asking them like it’s the weather we’re talking about? Come ON. Lameness. Creativity is where it’s at.)
I’m so stressed about this! I don’t want my first dance to suck!
Did I mention help?!?!?!
Comments are greatly encouraged on this particular post, fyi. If you know a good guy I could go with, you’d better lemme know.


The part where I wish to throw a fit.

 (this isn’t actually her.)

We are dog-sitting for our neighbors this week, and lemme tell ya, it’s been fun having a dog like Dixie in our house (doesn’t that sound like the title of a movie to you? A Dog Like Dixie. Ooh, I bet it’d be a tear-jerker!). It’s been so fun, in fact, that my whole family is getting dog-hungry (not like “mmm, dog-burgers.” More like when you get baby-hungry, ie: “we want a baby.” Except we want a dog, so it would be: “we want a dog”, and I’m just going to stop rambling now.)
You’d be dog-hungry too if you knew this dog. She is the sweetest, mellowest, cutest doggie ever. She’s a chocolate lab and is absolutely awesome. I want a dog so bad. So, so bad.
Another perk? To my knowledge, she isn’t a shedder. Which is awesome.
I. Want. A. Dog.
So I want to throw a fit, because it’s been fun pretending to have a dog this week, but then we’re going to have to give her back which is LAME.
Oh well. I have brothers, I guess. They do like playing Puppy…