It’s coming….

I have to admit, I am quite excited for Halloween this year. I mean, dead Juliet? How much cooler can you get? Anywho, to start the celebrating, Picnik has a featured effect thing going on, and it’s all Halloween style! I’ll show you what I mean:


 And after!! It’s so fun to do! And I look pretty scary-awesome, no?


157 date ideas.

Well, peeps, only three months, two weeks, and three days until yours truly has her sweet sixteen! I have sorta mixed feelings about the whole thing, for vain reasons, mostly pertaining to no sweet sixteen party.
I told you it was all vain.
Anyway, when I turn sixteen, I get to start dating!!

Woo hoo! I’m excited for that, and just so I don’t end up forgetting all these faboo ideas, I’m going to post some date ideas I got in a handout at Standards Night a few weeks ago. Who knows? Maybe you can use ’em, too! They sure seem fun…

  1. Go Western line dancing
  2. have a picnic
  3. go horseback riding
  4. have a dog wash/wash neighborhood dogs
  5. go rollerskating/ice skating
  6. go to a water park
  7. visit state capitol
  8. visit a museum
  9. water balloon fight
  10. paint a fence/house
  11. make/fly paper airplanes
  12. make mud pies, have a fight.
  13. in a group, go on a night hike/flashlights
  14. go bug collecting
  15. go to the lake/river
  16. go graveyard walking
  17. go on a scavenger hunt
  18. go skateboarding
  19. go running
  20. play hopscotch in a parking lot
  21. wash each others cars
  22. go four wheeling/motorcycling
  23. play “Cowboys and Indians”
  24. go exploring 
  25. fly a kite
  26. go on a hayride
  27. go snipe hunting
  28. have a food or pie night
  29. climb trees
  30. go frog catching and have a frog jumping contest
  31. do a craft- make candles, macrame, finger paint
  32. go to the zoo
  33. go on a bike ride/tandem
  34. play croquet in the dark using flashlights
  35. go ice blocking
  36. set up a dinner in the back of a truck and go to the drive in
  37. visit temple/visitor center
  38. rent a truck or moving van and have a party in it
  39. pick up your date and do a walking date to something close by
  40. go sightseeing on the city bus
  41. go bird watching
  42. go to a planetarium
  43. go to an outdoor concert
  44. go to the theatre/play/symphony
  45. watch a movie in the swimming pool/outside
  46. go on the merry-go-round in the mall
  47. go antique hunting
  48. go to the library, watch a video, or listen to music
  49. go to the library and xerox newspapers and magazines dated the day you were born
  50. have a banana split making contest
  51. tour a historical site in your area
  52. visit a homeless shelter
  53. tour a mortuary
  54. visit a rest home and take treats
  55. buy ingredients and cook dinner
  56. go to breakfast
  57. have a progressive dinner
  58. play hide-n-seek in a department store
  59. play jacks at the airport (what the random?!)
  60. celebrate someone’s birthday
  61. have dinner using strange utensils
  62. “kidnap” your date
  63. take younger brothers and sisters with you on a date
  64. play kick the can
  65. go water skiing/tubing
  66. visit a ghost town
  67. make treats for someone and leave it on their doorstep
  68. make a home movie- write script, film, and give academy awards
  69. tie a quilt
  70. go rowing, canoeing
  71. have a taffy pull/make fudge
  72. pop popcorn in the fireplace
  73. get a team to play volleyball, baseball
  74. go to the state fair/carnival
  75. have a bubble gum blowing contest
  76. have an ice cube race w/straws
  77. play minute to win it games
  78. have relay races
  79. color in coloring books
  80. go people watching
  81. make a stand and sell lemonade/bubble gum
  82. roast hot dogs
  83. go to a ballgame
  84. watch planes fly in/take off
  85. go Christmas caroling
  86. bake something together
  87. have an Easter egg roll
  88. go to a miniature golfing/driving range
  89. run the physical fitness course at a park
  90. go skeet shooting
  91. go fishing
  92. stroll art galleries
  93. play Frisbee golf
  94. go to the family history center
  95. visit the bookstore
  96. tour a radio/tv station (call ahead)
  97. go to a shooting/archery range
  98. go stargazing
  99. have a board game night
  100. build campfire, roast marshmallows
  101. go to movies/rent one/watch a classic
  102. baptisms for the dead
  103. swing at the park
  104. go swimming
  105. play in sprinklers
  106. take a dog for a walk
  107. have a ping-pong tournament
  108. plan a service project
  109. play tennis/racquetball/wally ball
  110. boys teach girls how to change a tire/oil
  111. FHE with both familes
  112. rappelling!
  113. surf at Big Surf
  114. carve pumpkins
  115. play shuffleboard
  116. jump on a trampoline
  117. make ice cream
  118. go to a garage sale
  119. tie-dye shirts
  120. make pizza
  121. buy outfits at the thrift store for each other to wear on the date
  122. watch an airplane show
  123. go to a car show
  124. rent paddleboats
  125. watch hot air balloons
  126. go paintballing/airsoft
  127. build a fort
  128. poetry reading
  129. go bowling
  130. play billiards
  131. exercise together
  132. tour a factory
  133. visit a public garden
  134. fondue party
  135. go to a fireside
  136. go berry picking, apple picking
  137. go to a rodeo
  138. have a BBQ
  139. go on a glider ride
  140. golfing
  141. watch a food channel show then make the dish together
  142. go to the batting cages
  143. play Twister
  144. make a mix CD
  145. go to an arcade
  146. shoot baskets/play catch
  147. plan a theme date night
  148. visit the IMAX
  149. visit an aquarium
  150. ride go-karts
  151. sand castles
  152. model rockets
  153. play darts
  154. go sailing
  155. view holiday lights
  156. face painting
  157. play night games

Yes, this is an extensive list, but that just means you won’t have to repeat any date ideas for a long time! These seem like so much fun, I want to try them all. Sorry if this took you forever to read, but it took me forever to type!!


Oh, sweetie. In other words, an open letter to myself.

That’s what I thought to myself as my latest little misadventure unraveled. Oh, sweetie. You should have just sucked up your pride and asked for help. Now look what you’ve done! But alas, I didn’t listen to myself, so now I must live with the everlasting shame of…
Not knowing how to boil an egg.
Yes, you heard that right. I can’t boil a freakin’ egg. So now, in case you had any doubts about my alarming inability to cook, you will know of a surety that I, Drama Queen #1, can not, under any circumstances, cook. Making a smoothie is difficult for me- do you think I’m totally lame yet? No? Maybe some photographic evidence would be nice, yes?

 No, this is not noodles, silly string, or hair. This is egg.
 As you can see, I did not have the common sense to put the eggs in the pot FIRST, then fill it with water, and then, AND ONLY THEN, could I safely boil it. No, I boiled the water and plunked the eggs in, in what I thought was a very careful manner. Apparently my eggs didn’t think it was careful enough.
 Rule of thumb: do NOT put your eggs in already-boiling water, as they will crack and start leaking egg white all in the water.

You also shouldn’t try another egg to see if the second time turns out better, because it won’t. In fact, it’ll get WORSE. Next time, darling, just Google it. Or ask for help. I cannot stress that enough, love, because if you want to get married and provide for your hot husband and adorable kids, you are going to have to cook. The sooner you realize this, the faster you can get help.
That’s the last time I crave egg salad sandwiches.

(p.s. if you’re looking for a sweeter side of sass, read the post just below this one. Warning: contains a cute boy.)

My beautiful baby boy (cousin)

My hands still smell faintly of that good baby smell that seems to accompany the newest ones. I’ve still got a goofy happy feeling all around me. Why? Because I just met my newest cousin, S today! Him and his mommy took a little surprise trip up to lovely AZ to see all of us, and lemme tel you- it was a wonderful evening. I love, love, love babies. I am my happiest with a little one in my arms, and tonight was definitely no different. And I got double the loving, because my baby cousin, E, came too! She is so, so sweet. So when one was being held, I entertained the other. But oh, how special it was to just have such a tiny life in my arms for just a little while. I was the only cousin he smiled at- and he smiled a lot (that right there made my WEEK). Here are some shots I snuck in when nobody was looking-and yes, I’ve already edited some:

My sweet little primo.

(p.s…. guess who just completed her 300th post??! This girl!! Thanks for sticking with me so long, and reading up on my insane life.)

Sometimes I just have to show off.

I’ve had the idea for a while, and I have had some candy hearts left over from an eighth grade CupidGram (you should know which one I’m referring to, and if you don’t, ask me. I’ll gladly tell you), and I needed to rid myself of them, so I took pictures! Aren’t they… Sweet?

This last one is my favey-favorite, effects-wise. It looks SOOO trippy!! I love Picnik so very much. Did I mention how thoroughly cool that pic is? Because it’s awesome. Here’s what it looked like previously:

So much cooler now, right?!


‘Kay now that’s just lame.

My celebrity crush is Adam Young. I am not ashamed to admit that at all.
He is doing a US tour, and I am so jealous.
On November 2nd, 2011, he is doing a concert in Flagstaff.
And I can’t go.
I might have to hole up in my room that day and just listen to all his music.
Unfortunately, none of my friends are big enough fans of Owl City to be patient enough to sit through that.
So I’m going to have to throw a party of one.
Just like with his latest album release.